Johnson to Parliament to justify his stance on ‘impeachment party scandal’

London – AFP
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accused of attending a party in Downing Street Gardens amid quarantine measures to prevent the Covid epidemic, will have to justify his position on Wednesday during an impeachment session before the Parliament in a climate of great tension.
For the Prime Minister, the “party scandal” makes this week’s meeting in the House of Commons at 12:00 (local and GMT) the most difficult since taking office in July 2019.
Faced with a series of information revealed at the end of last year on parties organized in circles of power in defiance of health rules to fight against the Corona virus in 2020, Boris Johnson finds himself forced to reveal whether he was present or not at a party on May 20, as reported by several British media.
“The question is simple,” Angela Rayner, the second Labor Party official, told the BBC, noting that if “Boris Johnson lied to the British and Parliament and attended parties during impeachment, it is untenable “.
On Monday evening, ITV News revealed an email sent to Boris Johnson’s private secretary Martin Reynolds on May 20, 2020, in which he read: “Bring your bottles”, inviting him to “have a party to enjoy the beautiful time “,” socially distanced “in the gardens Prime Ministry Headquarters.
And British media reported that around 30 or 40 people responded to the invitation, including the Prime Minister and his wife (then his fiancee) Carey, and attended the ceremony.
At the time, only two people were allowed to meet outside.
Anger is mounting within the Conservative Party, with some, according to the media, claiming that the question is no longer whether Boris Johnson will step down from office, but when.


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