Jason Derulo Got Into An Altercation In Las Vegas With Two Men

Chile, IDK, what’s going on in Sin City at Usher’s concert, but something over there has people TURNT! Recently, Halle Bailey was spotted with rapper and YouTuber DDG in Vegas on Ush’s show, and people were talking about it, which made her all the rage on Twitter. Now Jason Derulo is in the spotlight after he got into an argument with two men after calling him Usher. The singer and TikTok star didn’t feel the disrespect and fought with the men.

According to TMZ, authorities said cops were called to the ARIA hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning after Jason collapsed. Jason quickly became a trending trend on Twitter after the videos started surfacing, and as usual, people were cutting each other off. One person tweeted: “Jason Derulo said he makes desserts but doesn’t think it’s sweet.” Another person tweeted, “All Jason Derulo does is workout, dance and eat 1000% sugar meals. There’s no reason I want to fight with this combo.

Jason doesn’t play when it comes to his body. The singer is always at the gym when he’s not taking care of his son, along with his ex-girlfriend Jena Frumes. If you remember, they both named him in September, just four months after Jena gave birth to their son Jason King. “Jena and I have decided to go our separate ways, “he tweeted.” She’s an amazing mother, but we believe that being apart right now will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves and the best. parents that we can be. ”

Currently, reports indicate that the two men involved in the altercation did not want to press charges and did not leave with injuries requiring a hospital visit. Roommates, leave a comment and let us know what you think of Jason’s brawl!

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