‘It’s a crazy world, you are thinking about sequins versus satin, you’re not thinking about Delta versus Omicron’ – Comedian Neil Delamere on DWTS

Irish comedian Neil Delamere has said appearing in the latest series of Dancing With The Stars is the perfect escape from Covid-19.

However, he said the pandemic was what prompted him to appear on the show, as he is now more inclined to do things that “absolutely terrify” him.

“I think we’ve all been offered shows like this and Covid makes you rethink things and take risks,” he said.

“Things you’ve been asked to do before you think of them differently in your head and deliberately do something that absolutely terrifies you.”

“It’s a crazy world like you think of sequins against satin, you don’t think of Delta against Omicron.

“It tends to take up all the space in your head, which is really a good thing right now.”

When asked if he was worried about catching Covid-19 during filming as cases escalate across the country, he said: “You have to get rid of it and everything is so strictly monitored with drug testing. ‘antigen and PCR, masks and a distance, as safe as possible.

“I look forward to Sunday and will be on my knees by the end of the dance and this flood of relief will wash over me like a tidal wave of sorts.”

Despite being a comedian and admitting he had no dance experience, the man from Offaly said he would take the 100pc show seriously.

“I am absolutely in it, I am limited by my experience and my physical limitations but I take it seriously because it is extremely pleasant and it is a waste of your time but also of the time of your pro who is world champion Latin dancer, ”he said.

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“And for you not to give it your all is a bit of a shame for them and it’s also a privilege, a lot of people who watch the show would love to do the show, so I’m very aware of that.

“We have a little line, my pro dancer says ‘you better go,’ so every day before rehearsals I write ‘give me beans’ on my hand and that’s our little line.”

When asked if he thought the show would attract new audiences to his comedy shows, Neil replied, “If people see me dancing and want to see a comedy show, that’s fine with me.” do !

“Maybe I should write a few lines at the start of the show to explain what I’m doing if they’ve never seen me tango, but I’m more than prepared for it.”

The new Dancing With The Stars series airs on RTÉ One Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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