Investigations reveal a shocking surprise about the owner of the first pig’s heart implanted in his body

US reports have revealed a shocking surprise about the first patient to have a pig heart transplant in his body

And it turned out that the patient, David Bennett Sr., 57, had committed a heinous murder years ago, according to the Washington Post.

The newspaper reported that Bennett killed a person in 1988 and stabbed him 7 times, and the court ordered the perpetrator, David Bennett Sr., to pay $3.4 million to Shoemaker and his family in compensation, but her sister said her family did not receive some of that money.

The victim’s sister added: “Bennett went on and lived a good life after 6 years in prison, and now he has a second chance with a new heart, but I hope in my opinion that you have gone to a worthy recipient.” According to the agency “Sputnik”.

The revelation of David Bennett Sr.’s former crime has sparked controversy and divided opinions among medical ethicists, who say “a patient’s criminal history should not be considered when making decisions about grafts”.

“In general, medicine does not consider criminal histories in choosing people for treatment or experiments,” said Arthur Kaplan, professor of bioethics at New York University, in statements to the American site “Business Insider”. Everybody is the same.”

“Hospitals generally don’t consider criminal history when choosing someone to put on an organ donation waiting list, and often don’t even know their criminal record,” Kaplan said.

Kaplan pointed out that “Bennett didn’t receive a human heart that belonged to someone else on the waiting list, and things can’t be looked at: because he has a pig’s heart, a nice boy died somewhere.”
“We have a legal system designed to determine fair compensation for crimes, and we have a health care system that aims to provide care regardless of people’s personality or history,” said Scott Halpern, professor in medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania. The Washington Post.

He added, “This patient (David Bennett Sr.) came to us in desperate need of a transplant, and a decision on his eligibility for a transplant was made solely on the basis of his medical records.”

And last Friday, David underwent a groundbreaking 8-hour transplant of a new heart from a genetically modified pig.

And if a pig heart transplant is successful, this extraordinary medical procedure could one day save many lives around the world. More than 106,000 people are on an organ transplant waiting list in America, while 17 people die each day while waiting to receive a human organ, according to data from the nation’s Department of Health Resources and Services.

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