Interesting Facts About The Domain Industry You Might Not Know

Which domain name was registered first? Which domain is the longest and which is the shortest? How much does the most expensive domain name cost? How many domains are there in total? You can find the answers to all these questions in our brand new article!

Long ago…

The domain name system was invented by Paul Mockapetris in 1983, over 35 years ago. It has been proposed as an alternative to the IP address naming system, as it is much easier to remember a few words or phrases than a few large numbers!

Interestingly, domain registration was completely free for the first ten years. In 1995 (after the introduction of domain fees), the price was set at $ 100 per name registration, and that price declined rapidly over time.

The oldest estate in the world

Now that we’ve learned a bit about the history of domains, you’re probably wondering which domain came into existence first? In 1985 there were only five domains, and was the first to register on March 15, 1985. Today there are millions of domains and billions of internet users.

The most expensive domain

There are many domains on the Internet – over 335 million! But which one is the most expensive in the world? These records are sometimes broken, but today is the current winner – it sold for a record $ 90 million.

The second and third places on the podium of the most expensive domain go to ($ 49,700,000) and ($ 35,600,000).

Record buyer

We all love one domain search sometimes. But did you know the record for the most domains purchased in a day? This record was set in 2012 by a man named Mike Mann, who registered 14,962 domains in one day. Mann said he dreams of taking over the world (at least the virtual one).

Domainer Mike Mann, 45, lives in Delaware and has been with the business since the late 90s. In 1998, he founded BuyDomains (later renamed NameMedia) and sold names on the aftermarket.

Mike’s success is due to the fact that he started using a particular program that analyzed promising keywords in search queries and compiled a list of potentially performing domain names. Then Mike would begin to put together a final list of domains for a low cost buy, and later for a big sale.

Thanks to this system, by 2020, the domainer has 250,000 domains. In Mike’s collection, you can also find some great domain names like,, and

Mike Mann is also the author of Make Millions and Make Change, in which he shared his experience of making money in small businesses.

A living legend – the mighty .COM

The most requested area in the world is .com. This is one of the first top-level domains in existence since January 1985. The US Department of Defense initially managed it, but the domain was quickly transferred to SRI International.

The .com zone was originally created to provide addresses for commercial companies, but now it can be used by anyone and for any purpose.

The longest domain

According to the rules of the domain zone, the length of a domain cannot exceed 63 characters. In this case, the maximum number of subdomain levels in a domain can be up to 127 characters. The maximum number of characters in each of the subdomains is also 63, but the length of the fully qualified domain name cannot exceed 255 characters.

In fact, there are many 63 character domains on the web. One of them is which belongs to the mathematician Gerard Steffens.

A slightly shorter domain (58 characters) is It was registered on October 21, 1999 for the site of a village outside Wales. The village was formerly known as Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll. But to attract tourists it was renamed and the name took on its current monstrous size (a repeat for anyone trying to read it aloud) – Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

The shortest domain

In general, in most areas the minimum number of characters in a domain name is two. Despite this, there is still a short domain (i.e. one character) and not even one. But today, it is not always possible to register such a domain. The point is that the registration of single character domains has been banned since 1993. However, there are still domains registered before this ban (,,,, and x .org).

Understanding the value of single character domains today, registries serve the needs of users and in some areas it is possible to re-register single character domains. For example, such an opportunity has been provided by Singapore national zone .sg, Colombia .co, Palestine .ps, domain zones. Of course, these domains are in demand and fall into the expensive premium category in primary and secondary markets.

Most popular words

According to VeriSign, three popular words are used in domain zones. They are:

  • “Home” – 1.2 million uses
  • “Online” – 1 million uses
  • “Earth” – 900 thousand uses

But the peaks for non-English speaking countries differ. For example, recently it was analyzed which domains are registered by legal entities in Russia. Interestingly, if you look at the database of corporate names, the most popular words will be “more” and “service”. The same trend is reflected in domain registration since 2010, although the main words among domain names are “pro”, “group”, “shop”, “dom” and “auto”.

By the way, TLD. ?? is the first Cyrillic domain zone in the world. The first domain names in the zone were president.rf and government.rf.

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