Independent panels conclude that Novak Djokovic is incredibly rich

A rigorous process involving two separate independent panels determined that tennis player Novak Djokovic has tons of more money and influence than the average Australian.

A spokesperson for one of the panels – the Independent Medical Exemption Review Panel – said they had methodically reviewed the Serbian star’s candidacy and found he was a globally recognized athlete who attracted millions of dollars. in television rights and sponsorship for the Australian Open.

“He may not be vaccinated, but we are convinced that he has very high immunity to the rules that apply to ordinary people,” the spokesperson said.

Critics have accused the government of double standards, citing examples of Australian citizens unable to enter their own country to visit dying family members. But a government official defended the move, saying Australian citizens have had ample time to grow into world-class tennis players with a net worth of over $ 200 million.

“We are now almost two years into this pandemic. So if you haven’t won 20 Grand Slam tournaments and amassed the kind of wealth to organize private jets and a dedicated team to lobby on your behalf, then you just have to blame yourself. This is what we mean when we say personal responsibility ”.

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