Incredible UAE rescue as helicopter saves flooded residents

UAE emergency services went into rescue mode when a helicopter rescued several UAE residents as their car was nearly washed away.

The video shared by the Instagram account Storm_ae shows a black helicopter diving to approach a 4 × 4 stranded at Wadi al-Bayh.

The vehicle got stranded on the Jebel Jais road in Ras Al Khaimah as rainwater threatened to wash away their car.

The caption reads: “Rescue of people stranded in the valleys of the Jebel Jais road to Ras Al Khaimah”.

Ras Al Khaimah police have warned all residents and visitors to stay away from valleys and flooded areas after the rains.

Wet weather will continue until at least Wednesday as cloud seeding continues

The wet and windy weather that recently hit Dubai is expected to continue until at least Wednesday, as cloud seeding operations are continuing.

the National Meteorological Center said the rain, winds and gray skies will continue at least until Wednesday.

The wind could reach up to 60 km / h over the rest of today and tomorrow. And it’s going to bring clouds of dust and stormy waters to the Persian Gulf.

And the NCM has confirmed that more cloud-seeding planes are in the sky trying to generate even more rain.

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