Incredible transformation of the father of ‘Burger Republic’ who reached 27 kilos and ‘crushed his heart’ by drinking six cans of soda a day

A father whose weight skyrocketed due to a diet of sodas and takeout described how he transformed his life and lost eleven stones. Adeel Khan, a 33-year-old businessman, used to drink five or six cans of soda a day and fill up on takeout and sugary snacks.

Adeel, who is the father of a five-year-old boy and two two-year-old twins, owns a dessert cafe called Dessert Republic and a burger joint called Burger Republic. He weighed about 27 stones at his heaviest and says that during the lockdown, he stood on his scale and the reading said “mistake”.

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Realizing how unhealthy and unhappy she felt, she decided to drastically change her lifestyle and become healthier. Months of dieting and a constant exercise routine followed, and slowly, her weight began to drop.

Now Adeel, from Stretford, feels happier and more confident, and wants to share his story to inspire others. Telling MEN about his healthy transformation, Adeel said: ” I’ve always been pretty big.Because of my business, I am always around sweets and desserts.

“He had a stake in a restaurant on Wilmslow Road called Jilani’s. He ate there and always ordered curries, kebabs and all sorts.

“And then the lockdown started, the gyms were closed and my wife and I would always cook and bake with the kids. After the kids went to bed, we would eat fast food.”

Stretford’s father Adeel Khan was used to bingeing on sugary snacks and takeaways

I never used to take my children to the park, I was lazy and wanted to lie down all the time and eat. Before I knew it, I was huge.

“I would stand on the scale and I used to say ‘mistake’. I wouldn’t go any higher, thethe scales went up to a maximum of 168 kilograms yes

“I know there’s a joke about that: you’re so fat, when you step on the scale, it says ‘mistake’. That hit me then.

“I had longer hair then, so I looked like a sumo wrestler. I used to fall asleep everywhere.

“Even when I was lying down, I could feel my heart being crushed. He had pain in his back and knees from all the weight he was carrying.

Photo by Adeel Khan
Adeel Khan weighed around 26 stone at his heaviest.

“I thought, I have to do something about it.” To kick-start his new diet, Adeel began cutting out junk food and instead started ordering healthy meals from an online meal prep company called RNS Meals. He too started walking, and when lockdown restrictions were eased, he incorporated sports into his routine.

Initially, I started cutting back on my carbs and eating things like soup, just to enhance my weight loss,” she said. “I started going to the gym, swimming and playing tennis.

“The gym was tedious, so I started playing football. The lockdown was tough, because there was nothing to do. So my my cousins ​​and I went for a walk as soon as we could meet outside.

Photo of Adeel Khan after her 70kg weight loss
Adeel Khan after his 70kg weight loss

“We started counting how many steps we could do a day, to see if we could beat each other. Many times, gaining weight is about convenience: you eat junk food or snack because it’s convenient. But the meal preps are low in fat and carbs, which really helped.

adeel khan asleep
Adeel Khan used to feel ‘lazy’ and fall asleep everywhere

“I did that for about eight months and once I got to a better weight, I started eating normally at home.”

Instead of reaching for her usual takeaways and curries, Adeel ate healthier foods like fish, grilled chicken, and salads. What prompted him to continue on his path to health was imagining himself wearing clothes that were one size smaller.

“I had to buy clothes from Asda that were size 4XL,” Adeel said. “I I love shopping, but I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted. My dream has always been to go to Zara and H&M and buy clothes off the rack. So that kept me motivated.

“I told myself, I’ll do it, and slowly, the weight started to fall off.As I lost weight, people commented: ‘you look better’.

Photo by Adeel Khan
Stretford dad Adeel Khan wants to share his weight loss story

“So I kept going. I lost five kilograms, then 10 kilograms, and then once I lost 20 kilograms, I had to buy new clothes. My size went down to 2XL, which was a huge achievement.

“Now I can shop at Zara and H&M and it’s amazing. I got rid of all my old clothes, I counted there were 10 garbage bags full of them. The clothes were so big you could have used them as a tent.”

Photo of Adeel Khan after her 70kg weight loss
Adeel was motivated by his ‘dream’ to buy clothes from Zara and H&M, and now he can do it with confidence.

Marking the month of Ramadan, where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, also helped Adeel focus on her health journey. “When Ramadan came in 2021, I thought, well, if I’m fasting all day, I might as well make the most of it,” Adeel explained.

“W When it was time to open my fast, I stopped so I wouldn’t overeat. That really helped me, it was a boost to lose weight again. I lost even more weight this past Ramadan, my weight has reached around 15.5 stones now.”

Losing weight brought many benefits for Adeel, who reports feeling more active and more motivated to spend time with loved ones.

A photo of Adeel Khan with relatives.
Adeel Khan with relatives

“My day-to-day has improved tremendously,” he said. ” I don’t feel so lazy and I am more excited to do activities with my wife and children in the garden or go out with them.

“even get Getting in and out of the car is much easier. My relatives congratulate me and say ‘wow,you look better and with more energy, we were very worried about you because you have small children.’

Even the family I haven’t met in years, they say I look like my little brother. TBeing compared to someone 25 years old is a huge boost.

A photo of Adeel Khan after her 70kg weight loss.
Adeel Khan owns a dessert cafe and burger joint

“I’ve always been pretty confident, even when I was overweight. When you’re big, you need a strong personality.

“I have the personality, but now I joke that I have the looks too! It does wonders for my self-esteem.

“I feel that people take me more seriously now that I’ve lost weight. I was recently elected as governor of my son’s elementary school. It’s like I have my life figured out now.”

Photo of Adeel Khan after her 70kg weight loss
Adeel Khan after his 70kg weight loss

Finally, Adeel shared tips for others who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Allowing yourself a day of occasional treats is key, she suggested.

“I would tell anyone to go ahead,” he added. “Treat yourself once in a while, but make sure the days of pampering don’t turn into weeks or months of pampering, oryou’ll be right back where you started.”

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