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Friday 07 January 2022

Dialogue – Mustafa Al-Greitli:

Egyptian player of Dutch club Utrecht U-17, Amir Saleh, believes that if the national team coach calls him to join his squad, he will not regret his decision.

Yalakoura spoke with Dutch Under-17 club Utrecht talent Amir Saleh as part of a series we’ve been publishing since 2019 under the name ‘I’m Egyptian’ about young Egyptian players at the foreigner to get to know them better. and draw attention to them before joining the ranks of the national teams in which they reside.

And the prince of football started at the age of five with Dutch club Swift; Where his dad was a trainer for him until his eleventh year: “I sat with him for a while and he was forbidden to tell me, dad.” The father recalls when he slipped away from his son while playing under his direction, and punched him: “I didn’t move. At 16, his father’s work in sports was positive for him: “My father is behind my back and I need a great need, and my mother is also in my return and organizes meals adapted to my training.”

But as Amir turned 11, his father listened to advice from top club scouts in the Netherlands that he should have a bigger opportunity: “He had to have a new experience and have new experiences, and there was a Uruguayan coach who had previously trained Suarez, Shaf Amir and Qali would be a distinguished football player.

Amir, who was active in the number 10 position on the pitch, moved through the ranks of Puten Wilder Club in his home country, before his talent caught the attention of the Dutch provincial team, which was form from different clubs, to join him at the age of 13.

There, Amir’s post in the Dutch provincial team was transferred to a right winger: “It was the right place for him. Indeed, Amir currently plays on the right and left wing, but he prefer the right wing and I used to play when he was young as a buck. I tried him in more than one center. “

It was the occasion that showed him greatly to receive several offers, including the choice to join the Dutch club Utrecht, aged under 15, and his father said: “The main wing of the team came from Ajax, which makes the task theoretically difficult. for Amir. “

But the injury of the main player prompted Amir to participate immediately after joining the team and to receive praise from his technical staff to become the main player of his team and turn his life towards more professionalism: “He lost a lot of things, unlike his age, so he wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and comes back at 9 in the evening.

The player, who initially trained with his father in his club’s stadium opposite his home, rode more than a continuation to join his club, Utrecht, who rose before the last international break to play for the U-17 team: “Amir played 11 games for his team this season, he has scored 11 goals and scored 17 for his teammates. Get a lot of experience from playing for the provincial team.

And the 16-year-old Mohamed Salah gives him an example on the football field, alongside English player Sancho from Manchester United: “The same style of play on the pitch”, and the player does not hide his happiness on the arrival of an invitation from the Football Association to join the ranks of the 15-year-old team: “I was very happy, but I was sad because the invitation arrived two days before the camp , next opportunity and I tell the coach to summon me and you will not regret joining the team.

These are the conversations that have made him somewhat popular on social networking sites, with some videos showing of him that include his skills and goals: “I’m happy and I want to let myself do my best and make you excited to be in the Egypt squad.

Emir, of Egyptian nationality, has both Dutch and Moroccan nationality, since his mother is Moroccan, but he does not care about anything during the current period except development and playing at higher levels; He hopes to play the English Premier League in the future and the World Cup with the Egyptian national team.


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