How did ‘New Girl’ become a Netflix lifeboat?

Netflix apparently has new girl in the brain. On Monday, Business Insider reported that the unstable streaming service has fixed elizabeth meriwethersitcom from to a vision board, writing in internal documents that their programmers would love to greenlight another new girl–comedy series in the style.

According to multiple documents from major industry agencies shared with Insider, Netflix is ​​actively looking for “big, broad, tellable stories on a budget” that also contain a “hook” and a different perspective: series that emulate Netflix originals. . Emily in Paris Y I have never. But perhaps more revealing, the documents also cite new girl—a streaming show whose seven seasons are now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Many of the popular sitcoms that once brought subscribers to the Netflix library have gone to other platforms: Friends for hbomax, The office for Peacock and, this fall,Schitt’s Cove for Hulu. But new girl, the quintessential reunion show with a quirky twist, has been a tried-and-true title for the streamer since 2013. The series stars Zooey Deschanel as Jess, who is recovering from a breakup and moves into a loft with a group of male roommates she met on Craigslist. What sounds like the beginning of a true crime plot is made charming by the charisma of said roommates: bumbling Nick (jake johnson), the nerdy Winston (lamorne morris) and womanizer Schmidt (max greenfield), who will eventually fall in love with Jess’s elusive friend Cece (hannah simone). Damon Wayans Jr.‘s Coach, who left after the show’s first episode for the short-lived but beloved ABC sitcom. Happy endings before returning to the loft in season three, he rounds out the cast.

After ending its 146-episode run in 2018, new girlThe legacy of was established as a comfort show for young millennials and members of Generation Z. But what was once a well-regarded sitcom morphed into an essential overhaul in March 2020. Al beginning of the pandemic, a flurry of essays on new girlThe feast circulated online. Viewers celebrated Jess and Nick’s well-executed romance, the True American gang’s outrageous drinking game, and the non-toxic male friendships at the center of the show. At a time when many classic shows are being reconsidered for their problematic themes, it seems new girl It has aged remarkably well. (Though as his most obvious ancestor, Friends, the show can’t resist putting one of its actors in a fat suit for some teen flashbacks).

new girlThe resurgence of has led to a strong presence for the show on TikTok, where the series’ hashtag has over 2.5 billion views, and prompted iHeartRadio to launch a replay podcast, Welcome to our program, Hosted by Deschanel, Morris and Simone. In 2020, the series became one of the most-watched titles of the year, according to Nielsen. All of this data is likely sweet music for Netflix, which has moved away from half-hour dramas like master of none, as noted in Insider reports, and towards the kind of shows streamers call “elevated broadcasting.”

What new girl was ending in 2018, some argued that it represented a dying breed of network TV sitcom. vulture Jesse David Zorro called the show “easier” than the workplace comedies with which it once shared the airwaves, including 30 rock Y Parks and Recreation. It was “low-stakes, low-concept, fairly episodic, while maintaining a level of comedy that still appealed to urban types, nerds, and pop culture insiders,” he wrote. In the same article, Fox compared the series to skinny jeans, a once-in-fashion trend that the zeitgeist had eschewed in favor of cable and broadcast.

Almost five years later, however, network television and streaming appear to be less differentiated than before. Broadcast networks like ABC use next-day broadcasts to increase visibility for new shows like Abbott Elementary. Meanwhile, streamers like Netflix hope to keep subscribers by greenlighting content that hits the same sweet spot as shows like new girl.

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