How could UK PM Johnson be ousted by unhappy lawmakers?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may soon ease travel restrictions.

  • Johnson’s bring your own booze scandal is the latest in a series of controversies.
  • The beleaguered leader was ready to fight for his post as prime minister on Wednesday.
  • 54 Conservative MPs are expected to write letters demanding a vote of confidence for one of them to be summoned.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces growing anger from his lawmakers, many of whom believe he is wasting his Conservative Party’s successes on self-inflicted missteps and blunders.

Johnson, who helped the Tories win a large majority in the 2019 election, will have to fight Wednesday to defend his post as prime minister amid calls from all walks of life to shed light on a ‘Bring your own booze’ party Organized in Downing Street during a lockdown linked to the coronavirus.

It follows a series of controversies and missteps in recent months, including a major rebellion by its lawmakers against Covid-19 restrictions, the loss of a long-standing parliamentary seat and questions over funding a expensive renovation of his apartment.

Several Tory lawmakers say some colleagues wrote letters of no confidence in Johnson, the first step required to seek a leadership challenge.

Below is an explanation of how Johnson could deal with such a challenge under the rules of the ruling Conservative Party:

What must happen for there to be a leadership contest?

A leadership challenge can be triggered if 15% of Tory MPs write letters demanding a vote of confidence to the chairman of the party’s “1922 committee,” which represents lawmakers who do not hold government posts.

The Conservatives have 360 ​​MPs, so 54 would have to write such letters for a vote of confidence to be called.

Could this happen to Johnson?

Several Tory lawmakers have openly expressed their displeasure with Johnson, but no one has yet publicly stated that they wrote to 1922 committee chairman Graham Brady.

The letters are confidential, so Brady is the only person who knows how many did.

What would happen in a vote of confidence?

All Conservative MPs could vote for or against their leader. If Johnson wins, he remains in office and cannot be challenged for 12 months. If he loses, he must resign and is barred from standing for the next leadership election.

How quickly can a vote of no confidence take place?

Under Conservative rules, the chair of the 1922 committee, in consultation with the party leader, decides the date for a vote, which must take place as soon as possible.

When Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May faced a vote of confidence in December 2018, which she won, it came on the same day the 1922 committee chairman announced he had received enough letters to trigger the vote.

What if Johnson lost a vote of confidence?

If Johnson lost, there would be a leadership race to decide on his replacement. However, a general election would not automatically be called and his replacement would become Prime Minister.

If several candidates present themselves, a secret ballot is organized among the Conservative deputies to reduce the number of candidates. The candidate with the fewest votes is withdrawn and another poll among conservative lawmakers is held. The process is repeated until two candidates remain, with votes taking place several days apart on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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The last two candidates are then put to a postal ballot of all members of the Conservative Party, the winner being named the new leader. Voters must have been party members for more than three months.

Who could replace Johnson?

The two MPs considered favorites to replace Johnson are his Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who has played a leading role in publicizing the government’s support for the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Minister of Business foreign Liz Truss, who is popular among members of the People’s Party. .

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