Houston Texans fans will love RB Dameon Pierce

Hey, let’s send people home for the long weekend on a high note, okay?

For the past two years, one of the most depressing elements of being a Houstonian has been running back for the Houston Texans. Notice I said “elements of being a HOUSTONIAN,” not “elements of being a Houston Texans fan.” That’s right, the Texans’ woefully poor running back play has transcended the mere depression of football and become more painful than gas prices, humidity, road construction and fire ants.

But today I have some good news for you, Houstonians! Good news for you, as the clouds have cleared and it looks like the Houston Texans drafted a more than competent running back a couple of weeks ago. Not only that, but it also seems like they’ve brought in one of the most vibrant and fun personalities we’ve seen in a Houston athlete in a long time.

Behind, Texans rookie running back Dameon Pierce!

A good time AND a long time!? How can you not like this guy?! Of course, it’s essential that he actually be able to carry the rock, so I’ll let you be the judge on that. Here are Pierce’s highlights from his final season at the University of Florida in 2021:
Not bad, not bad at all.

But that’s just the beginning. What I learned, after doing extensive internet research on Pierce, is that he also brings it up in a press conference atmosphere. Let’s take a little trip here, as we meet the man who is sure to become a crowd favorite, Dameon Pierce.

Let’s start with this press conference from his senior year in Florida, where he takes a reporter’s iPhone and brings it up to the podium with him. It appears that this particular reporter had another reporter named Cassidy on FaceTime, and Pierce wanted to give Cassidy the experience of what making a communicator looks like from Pierce’s first-person point of view:
Good material! Now, how about this one, where a reporter (named “Edgar”, evidently) seemed to try to get Pierce to answer a “gotcha” question about Alabama, and he sniffed it out right away!
Now, it’s all very well if Pierce was just a comedy hound, trying to be the life of the party all the time, but one thing I learned in my research on Pierce: he loves to play football! Namely, his senior-year Florida team was relegated to playing in a lower-tier bowl game called the Gasparilla Bowl.

I have no idea where that game is played, or what a “Gasparilla” is. However, I know it’s a bowling game that many kids in Pierce’s situation, with a career in sight, would have skipped to avoid injury. Pierce is the opposite of that. He wanted to play because he was committed to Florida and his teammates. Behold, the loyal one, Dameon Pierce!
From the bowl game, we now move on to the Senior Bowl, where Pierce showed enough for the Texans to attack him for the 107th overall pick. Here’s an impromptu interview Pierce did with an aspiring scout. The best parts: first, the part where he introduces himself to the interviewer (interpersonal skills!), and second, where he gives an EXCEPTIONAL answer about what NFL teams look for in running backs. Enjoy this…
We learned last week that Pierce will wear the No. 31 jersey this season, which should officially rule out any chance of David Johnson (the now former No. 31, and a poor return from the DeAndre Hopkins trade) returning to the Texans in 2022. This It’s great news, because it’s the dawn of a new era: ALL SAY HELLO, THE PIERCE ERA!

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