Horror hotel Djokovic “free to leave” anytime

Denying claims by the world number 1’s father that he would be held captive, Andrews said swift action could be taken if he did not want to stay at Carlton’s hotel. “Mr. Djokovic is not being held captive in Australia. He is free to leave at any time and the Border Force will actually facilitate that, ”she said. Andrews’ comments came in response to an explosive press conference held by Djokovic’s parents in Belgrade where they have since taken to the streets. to demand the release of the superstar. In a series of fiery remarks, his father Srdjan Djokovic said his son had been the victim of a “political witch hunt” and “corona fascism” and that he should be released. “Jesus was crucified and endured a lot but he is still alive among us,” he declared on Orthodox Christmas Eve. Who is most responsible for handling the Novak Djokovic fiasco? “Novak is also crucified … the best sportsman and man in the world. He will endure. The vaccine-skeptic was arrested on arrival in Australia earlier this week and his visa revoked for failing to comply with strict entry restrictions pandemic in Australia. Andrews also confirmed that two other players or staff participating in the Australian Open are also under investigation. DETENTION HOTEL Thursday Djokovic’s appeal went to a judge who delayed proceedings until Monday. Pending his fate, the 34-year-old is staying at the city’s Park Hotel. The hotel is a facility with around 32 inmates who cannot leave the hotel and no one is allowed in or out except the staff. migrants say the rooms are relatively small. The Park Hotel gained notoriety last December when a fire in the building forced refugees and asylum seekers to be evacuated. One person was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. There were no deaths. A week later, asylum seekers posted images on social media showing food served to them allegedly filled with maggots alongside moldy pieces of bread. “I feel bad since yesterday, the last 24 hours. They keep him like a prisoner,” Djokovic’s mother Dijana said at a press conference. “It’s just not fair. He’s not human, “she said.” I just hope he is strong because we are also trying to be very strong to give him the energy to keep going. I hope he wins. It’s just a small immigration hotel, if you can call it a hotel. Some bugs, it’s dirty and the food is so terrible. In quarantine. Djokovic reportedly sent a letter to Tennis Australia complaining about the conditions of the luxury hotel and requiring players to stay in private homes with tennis courts and better food. Australian border officials have refused to confirm where the player is staying. Earlier in October, 21 men were said to have contracted the Covid in this establishment, which has been the scene of regular demonstrations. as. “The media will talk more about us, probably the whole world, which is so sad, just because Djokovic would be there for a few days.” Almost 180 people have been released from detention. at the Park Hotel over the past year. Most of the remaining people were reportedly brought to Australia for medical treatment after their detention off the small Pacific island of Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. In a previous life, it was known as the Rydges Hotel and in 2020 served as a Covid-19 quarantine hotel. He has been blamed for causing a wave of infections in the city. As Djokovic waited in his new temporary home for news of his legal battle, a crowd of a few dozen fans gathered in a nearby park to play music and protest his detention. “Do you know how I feel? I feel sad, ”said Gordana, a Djokovic supporter. “And to feel that I lost part of my heart because of Djokovic. Djokovic is (like my) son. Outside the building, around 20 activists protested Australia’s strict immigration policies put in place to prevent people from entering by boat. The police were standing nearby. A banner hung from the awning of the building read: “Abolish the detention centers”. Others have gathered to protest the restrictions they have been subjected to to restrict Covid-19, as well as to seek other freedoms. “I am here on behalf of all the people who are fighting for freedom, whether it is for the refugees, whether it is Novak or the people in general, the public, far above these mandates who are fed up with to be restricted, “said Ryan Guszich.” And freedom in general. And, you know, it’s our body, our choice. “BALANCES OUTSIDE THE NOVAK Park Hotel in Carlton around 9:30 pm on Thursday. Two women from the pro-refugee crowd spent hours above the hotel’s canopy, holding a banner reading “Abolish Detention Centers.” Using a lifting basket, officers removed The women by force and took them to a police van when a scuffle between protesters and police took place. The police pushed back the protesters as they tried to free the women. Activists shouted ” too much copper, not enough justice “as the women were taken away. Protestors or police were injured in the urs of the altercation. Earlier that night, Djokovic supporters also gathered to protest the tennis star’s detention. Dozens of lively fans, many dressed in Serbian flags, held a candlelight vigil and sang songs in support of the captive tennis player.

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