Hong Kong activist arrested again for comments “endangering national security”

He was arrested during his regular visit to a police station on Wednesday evening and will be brought to trial in West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts on Thursday, police said.

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“The national security division of the police force arrested the man (…) on suspicion of violating the bail conditions of the court,” police said on Thursday in an emailed statement. .

“He was suspected of having said words and actions that could reasonably be considered to endanger national security during the period of release on bail,” he said, without specifying the words.

Chow could not be reached for comment.

Chow was among 15 of 47 activists released on bail last year after their arrest in March in a high-profile raid by authorities.

The 47 are accused of plotting to overthrow the government by organizing a primary election for the opposition camp in 2020 to select the candidates for the legislative elections.

Authorities said Chow was part of a plot to cripple the Hong Kong government.

Source: PA

The primary ballot was informal, non-binding and organized independently.

Authorities said it was a “vicious plot” that threatened national security and violated the national security law imposed by Beijing in June 2020.

The vote for seats in the Legislative Council, initially scheduled for 2020, was then postponed, authorities citing the coronavirus, and did not take place until December 2021 under new rules imposed by Beijing so that only “patriots” faithful can present themselves.

Diplomats and rights groups are closely monitoring the trial, which is set to resume in March, amid growing concerns over the independence of the judiciary, seen as one of the pillars of Hong Kong’s financial success.

The authorities have repeatedly stated that the judiciary is independent and respects the rule of law.

They also said the prosecutions were independent, evidence-based, and unrelated to the backgrounds or professions of the suspects.

Security law sets a high threshold for defendants seeking bail to demonstrate that they would not break the law, a departure from common law practice, which requires prosecutors to argue for detention .

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