Heavy rain forecast across Dubai this weekend and into next week

Heavy rain is expected in Dubai this weekend and could last until next Wednesday, according to the National Meteorological Center.

Rain is expected to move up the coast towards Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday will likely be a day of showers, some of them heavy at times.

And showers and wet weather could last until Wednesday according to the latest satellite reports.

Along with this, Dubai will be blanketed in heavy fog over the next few mornings. In some places, drivers have already been warned not to exceed 80 km/h on motorways due to poor visibility.

Temperatures won’t be affected too much by the wet weather, with highs around 26 degrees.

The United Arab Emirates has already experienced a wet start to the year after 18 very dry months.

A year of rain fell in the United Arab Emirates in just three days earlier this year.

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