Heartbreaking statements by ‘Georgina’ on stage before she met Ronaldo

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Argentinian model Georgina Rodriguez, companion of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and mother of his children, has revealed that she lived in a store before meeting him.

In a new promotional clip for the Netflix documentary series “I Am Georgina”, the 27-year-old said that “when she arrived in Madrid, she lived in a simple apartment whose rent cost 250 euros, until may his life change when he meets Cristiano Ronaldo. “

The model said she was unable to afford a heater or air conditioner while staying in a storage room that was too cold in the winter and scorching in the summer.

It is noteworthy that Georgina moved on her own from the city of Jaca to Madrid, the Spanish capital, as a teenager, to work as an assistant in a store before reaching her current wealth.

“My arrival in Madrid was terrible. I was looking for a cheap apartment to move into an apartment that served as a storage room. It was very cold in winter and very hot in summer. My life changed the day I met Cristiano Ronaldo. “

Georgina started dating the Manchester United player while working at a Gucci store in Madrid and is earning 10 euros an hour.

In the documentary series, which premieres on Netflix on January 27, Georgina uses clips from her life, including walking past Ronaldo’s trailer, and clips from her ballet.

The model is also expected to recount her transformation from a poor teenage girl into 30 million Instagram followers. As she says, “This is not the end, but the beginning.”

Rodriguez also revealed the poster for the “I am Georgina” series, which reads: “I used to sell bags on Serrano Street and now I collect them”.

In one clip, she cries as a letter from a child is read to her that writes, “You are so sweet, Georgina. I wish the whole world was like you.

Ronaldo first appeared officially with Georgina, in January 2017, when she attended the “Golden Ball” award ceremony with him, which was crowned by the Portuguese.

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