Gran Turismo movie in the works at Sony, Neill Blomkamp could direct

“Gran Turismo” is ridiculously popular, but there is a problem: it has no plot. “Gran Turismo” games are hyper-realistic racing simulators featuring licensed vehicles and precise driving physics emulation, allowing players the fantasy of driving sports cars at high speeds. There’s a reason the game has included the subtitle “The Real Driving Simulator” since 2004. So I can’t help but wonder… what the hell is a “Gran Turismo” movie like?

I’m guessing the movie would use real cars, but then again, maybe stick to the stunning graphics that games are known for and flesh out a CG animated movie. The only real characters in “Gran Turismo” are you, the player, so whoever writes the script pretty much has an empty slate and an extremely good IP.

On the other hand, if they’re looking at Neill Blomkamp, ​​maybe we’ll get something really out of the ordinary. A gritty reboot of “Cars?” I’ll put it on me. “Gone in 60 seconds” but fancier? I’ll take it. “Fast & the Furious” without Vin Diesel’s off-screen drama? EVEN BETTER! The sky really is the limit when it comes to adapting the property, so here’s hoping that Blomkamp, ​​or whoever he ultimately catches, makes a massive change and gives us something wildly unpredictable.

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