GOP-initiated forensic audit finds no fraud in Macomb County election

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  • President Donald Trump won Macomb County 53% -45% in November 2020.

Macomb County’s forensic audit of the 2020 election revealed nothing that even remotely resembles fraud, further debunking repeated and unsubstantiated claims by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The audit of Alabama-based Pro V&V, a company that tests voting systems, looked at electoral technology and found “no outside interference.”

Among the baseless conspiracy theories, outsiders hacked the election results, a claim that has been refuted by many courts, state and local audits, and by Trump’s own administration.

“This is only one step in restoring confidence in the electoral process,” Republican Clerk Anthony G. Forlini wrote in a letter released Thursday, on the first anniversary of the riot at the U.S. Capitol. United.

In the 2020 Macomb County election, Trump beat Biden by 53% to 45%.

Forlini, a former Harrison Township supervisor who served at State House from 2011 to 2016, was elected clerk in 2020, becoming the first Republican to hold the county seat in a long time.

Forlini said he wanted a specialist to examine the county’s electoral hardware and software.

Macomb County has become a hotbed of extremism and conspiracy theories. Five of the 14 Michigan residents accused of participating in the Jan.6 uprising are from Macomb County.

Once known as the homeland of the “Reagan Democrats,” Macomb has grown into the state’s largest Republican county.

After voting for Barack Obama twice, voters in Macomb County were key to Trump’s victory in Michigan in 2016. Trump won the county by about 48,000 votes, nearly five times his margin of victory statewide. In 2020, Trump defeated Joe Biden by nearly 40,000 in the county, and for the first time, Republicans took control of the 13-member county commissioners and won four of the county’s five seats (attorney , Treasurer, Public Works Commissioner, and Clerk / Deeds Register), which the Democrats all kept in 2016.

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