Google TV explores fitness, smart home control and other new features for 2022

Google TV Director of Product Management Rob Caruso outlined the company’s plans for its TV operating system in 2022 in a new interview with Protocol. While Caruso stopped short of making specific feature announcements, he said the company wants to offer fitness and video conferencing services through Google TV, as well as better smart home controls.

Caruso called fitness a “big area of ​​exploration” and cited Android’s recent smart home control changes (which, for example, made them easily accessible from a phone’s power menu ) as a hint of what might happen to Google TV. Zoom was cited as a potential addition to the platform (Google’s own Duo video calling service is already available), and he said Google also wants to increase the amount of free live programming available on its platform. form.

Caruso also spoke about the situation with Netflix on Google TV. Although the video streaming service is supported on Google’s platform, it does not utilize some of its advanced features. Protocol note that Netflix shows cannot be added to the watch list at the operating system level of Google TV, for example. Caruso didn’t promise that would change, but said he hoped the situation would improve as Google rolled out exciting new features into its operating system.

Although Google’s TV operating system doesn’t usually get as much attention as its Android mobile operating system, it’s still used by millions of devices around the world. As of this month, Google says about 110 million Android TV devices are in use globally and seven of the top 10 smart TV makers use its software. This includes both Android TV itself, as well as devices running the new Google TV launcher alongside it.

The areas of interest are similar to those available on competing smart TV platforms from Apple and Amazon. Apple’s Fitness Plus service lets you stream workouts to an Apple TV, and Zoom is available on select Amazon TV devices. But given the huge reach of Google’s TV operating system, it would be nice to see it achieve parity with these other services.

No firm release date for any of these new features has been provided, but Caruso said he hopes some may be introduced “at some point later this year”.

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