“God gave us that trick”

It wasn’t in the script.

Kevin Costner took to social media to pay tribute to his field of dreams co-star Ray Liotta, who died today at the age of 67. The Oscar winner, who tried out for his Cal State Fullerton team and starred in several baseball-themed movies, recalled the scene when his Ray Kinsella throws batting practice at Liotta’s Shoeless joe jackson See the tweet and clip below.

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Kinsella is on the mound. After saying to himself, “I’m throwing to Shoeless Joe Jackson,” he throws a curveball that Jackson hits back. Kinsella gets out of the way and hits the deck as the low drive pierces the bag of balls at his feet. The pitcher lets out a nervous laugh as Jackson looks back at him.

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“What happened at that point in the movie was real,” Costner wrote. “God gave us that trick. Now God has Ray.”

It is one of many memorable moments between the two characters in field of dreams, which is widely considered among the best baseball movies. A low point for Kinsella occurs when Jackson tells him, “You’re not invited” to join the ghostly game, leaving the farmer-turned-ballpark builder angry, bitter, and complaining.

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But not long after that, Kinsella catches Jackson smiling at her. The revived player then utters the film’s signature line, with the plot twist about to become clear: “If you build him,” she says, “he will come.” And he walks away.

Grab a Kleenex and watch that scene below Costner’s tweet. For the love of the game.

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