Germany: 65 children freed from abusers as part of probe

BERLIN (AP) – German authorities say they have saved 65 children from their attackers in the past two years as part of an investigation into a large-scale sexual abuse ring.

Cologne police said at a press conference on Wednesday that the victims ranged from three months to 17 years old.

Investigators identified the children as part of their investigation into a large cache of abuse images and videos found in 2019 in the western town of Bergisch Gladbach. Authorities said more than 30,000 pseudonyms have been used by members of the network, but many of them could not be traced to real people.

So far, investigators have been able to identify 439 suspects and secure multiple convictions, including that of the man in whose premises the material was originally found.

The German government has toughened laws against child sexual abuse and against those who fabricate or distribute child sexual abuse images as a result of the case.

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