Genesis G70 Shooting Brake 2.0T Luxury Line 2022 UK test

If you expect similar differences in the driving experience, you will find more good news. It’s a well-tuned chassis for our roads, especially excellent driving. It resembles that of BMW in its qualities, communicating exactly what the road is doing below you and how the car is interacting with it.

This, coupled with well-rated body control, makes the G70 Shooting Brake quite enjoyable steering. It would be even more so if the steering itself was better. It’s very quick and springy around the center before a significant weight appears after about an eighth of a lap, so it’s even difficult to determine exactly what the engineers wanted the rider to finish. It only takes a trip or two to figure out, but there’s no BMW comparison to be found here.

Likewise with the powertrain, which isn’t as memorable as its main numbers suggest, in the way it responds to a driver’s desire to interact with it. Much of that comes from the automatic transmission, which seeks a quieter life rather than a desire to give the driver access to the engine’s 241 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Still, temper that right foot and you’ll be rewarded with a junior executive as quiet and refined as the best of them.

Yet one last elephant in the room remains with its effectiveness, and the largest at that. The car’s official economy and CO2 figures are only slightly better than those of a BMW M4 Competition, making this particular version of the G70 Shooting Brake look like it’s from another era on the paper. On the road, we couldn’t do better than 28 mpg.

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