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Former Brumbies and Wallabies player Ben Alexander’s meal-tracking app, Alfred, has spread overseas, is set to launch its Android version, and has started picking up paid subscribers – the all just over a year after its launch. Alfred also added to his team of advisers, including former Brumbies head coach Dean Benton, who first exposed Alexander to food tracking when he advised the big prop of the time to hold a food diary with pen and paper during the 2012 preseason. This sparked the idea that all these years later she became the Alfred app, which does away with time-consuming diaries and allows subscribers to track all of their meals. of the day in less than a minute. “We launched in New Zealand last August, and recently in Japan after a few former teammates who play and train there asked to use it. Launches in the US and Europe are slated for later this year. “said Ben. The app, launched on Christmas Eve 2020, aims to help people have more energy by enabling sustained weight loss through meals tracked in real time. Ben said some of the biggest results have come from other dads like former Colts teammate Benny Bartlett who lost and kept over 20 pounds. “I don’t know why the fathers tried their best, but maybe they prefer our simplistic approach. Something I’m still trying to figure out,” Ben said. Subscribers to the app send a photo or text describing their meal to Alfred and the app will calculate the amount of energy consumed and return the results before the next meal. Only out of 82,911 meals were followed with Alfred last year. The app is gradually getting more familiar with the meals, but around 20% are still reviewed manually by Ben and nutrition students at the University of Canberra. Alfred now has 150 paid subscribers, with the app costing $ 4.99 per month. Dean Benton, now National Athletic Performance Manager at Rugby Australia, joins Alfred’s team as a Human Performance Advisor. Benton said there was a clear reason for Ben Alexander to note his food consumption during his playing days at the Brumbies. For Ben to see what he was eating from a broader perspective, as I didn’t think he was making the connection between his nutrition and his preparation to play at the highest level. Once Ben achieved this goal, he transformed his body composition and achieved significant performance gains, “said Benton.” It is very easy to lose sight of the lack of quality and the excessive amount of food consumed, but Alfred makes it easier to keep track of this and requires a lot less time to use than his competition. I believe this is because it was designed by someone who has lived and breathed both issues, and it is a solution that can help many people, not just professional athletes. Alfred’s financial advisor is Dr. Miles Jakeman, co-founder of Citadel Group Limited, a Canberra-based startup that sold in 2020 for more than $ 500 million. “I’ve known Miles for a while now, and we’re delighted that someone with his commercial background is joining the team and helping transform Alfred from a start-up into a successful one,” said Ben. But he has no idea of ​​selling Alfred. “This is what I want to work on for the rest of my life,” he said. For more details visit Our Journalists Work Difficult to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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