F1 News: “It’s more of a personal thing”

Sebastian Vettel recently claimed that the FIA’s jewelery ban is possibly aimed personally at eight-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. The Briton has driven with jewels throughout his racing career.

At a press conference ahead of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, the German stated that he understood the safety concerns. However, he felt that it was not entirely acceptable to take away a driver’s “personal freedom”, whether with respect to choices made on or off the track. vettel said:

“I think it is a bit unnecessary to exploit this topic. Probably at this stage, it’s more of a personal thing and I feel like it’s particularly aimed at Lewis. [Hamilton]. I mean, we also talked about the underpants, is that really the most exciting thing we can talk about? So in a way there’s a safety concern obviously if you have things and if the car catches fire it would be unpleasant but on the other hand to a certain extent it’s personal freedom and we’re old enough to make our decisions outside . the car, we should be old enough to make decisions inside the car as well.”

Drivers have been allowed to wear jewelery on the track since 2005. Despite the ban, Hamilton had previously admitted to wearing jewelery inside the car and vowed to continue to do so regardless of warning from F1 racing director Niels Wittich. regard.

‘Almost like a step backwards’: Lewis Hamilton defends himself against FIA jewelery ban

Lewis Hamilton showed up to the press conference before the Miami Grand Prix with 3 watches, 8 rings, 4 necklaces and 2 earrings. This was just after the FIA ​​tightened its strict new guidelines regarding the wearing of jewelery on the track.

Describing it as a “step backwards”, the Briton shared his disappointment with the new rule, stressing that it would be an “unnecessary” dispute. He said:

“I couldn’t get any more jewelry today. I really don’t have much more to add than the last time I talked about it. I feel like it’s almost like a step backwards. If you think about the steps we are taking as a sport. All the most important problems and causes that we need to focus on. It’s a small thing. I’ve been in the sport for 16 years…in the car, I just have my earrings and my nose ring, which I can’t really take off.”

Lewis Hamilton has had a rocky start to the 2022 season and is struggling to keep up with his new teammate George Russell.

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