Eyes wide around Adelaide: who is behind their putting on signs?

It raises curious onlookers across Adelaide, but who’s responsible for putting big, wide-eyed eyes on commercial signs?

Mystery surrounds who is behind a new trend emerging in Adelaide in which big, googly eyes have been stuck on the face of prominent advertising signage in recent days.

In what made many faces smile during the pandemic, the faces of Dan Murphy, Colonel Sanders and Jim, best known as the franchise face for Jim’s Mowing, were comically twisted into the prank.

In one of the more difficult tasks of the googly-eyed placement, the KFC Bucket Driving Eastwood Restaurant now features the Colonel wearing a new pair of eyes.

People traveling to the outskirts of town along Greenhill Rd were amused, but also scratched their heads as to how someone managed to stick their eyes together unnoticed.

“How did someone get so high?” A puzzled woman wrote on social media.

In the city’s northwest, big eyes have been left on Dan Murphy at the Welland liquor store, giving Port Rd commuters a front row seat to have fun.

“Dan Murphy’s had a little too much tequilas,” one man observed.

In the third sighting, the iconic face of the “Jim” DIY franchise – a company providing multiple services including mowing, roofing and air conditioning repairs – stared wide-eyed at one of their pickup trucks. service while parked at Gawler Place in town.

But all of them were a welcome sight for South Australian spectators, who took to social media to express their glee at the light pranksters.

“Great, we need a bit of a laugh these days,” said one woman.

“It’s gold,” said another.

Have you seen other googly eyes appear around Adelaide? Let us know by contacting our reporter here.

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