Expert denies Kourtney Kardashian’s claim that drinking semen helps fertility

Should you be drinking your partner’s semen? (Image: Hulu/Getty)

Kourtney Kardashian revealed this week that she and her new husband, Travis Barker, have been working with an Ayurvedic expert to improve their chances of conceiving.

The alternative therapy they have opted for is known as Panchakarma cleansing, which involves various procedures including enemas, steam baths and induced vomiting.

And as Kourtney revealed on the most recent episode of The Kardashians: ‘[The practitioner] he told me that what would help him was to drink [Travis’s sperm] like four times a week.

It was music to Travis’ ears, and the Blink 182 drummer responded, “I love this doctor.”

But is the advice they’ve been given sound, or is it just Hollywood bragging?

Dr James Hopkisson, Medical Director of TFP Fertility Group, tells “In the last 30 years of working in fertility and gynecology, I have not read any mainstream research that has argued that drinking sperm is helpful for help with the pregnancy. .’

That will be a no, then.

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There is no reason drinking semen should help you get pregnant (Image: Getty/

Since the reproductive system is separate from the digestive system, whether you swallow or spit it out will have no bearing on your chance of conceiving.

Although Ayurvedic methods focus on a whole-body approach, including nutrition, mental wellness, and self-care, there does not seem to be any literature on the practice of drinking semen. Herbal decoctions, yes, but there is no mention of sperm.

That’s not to say that your fertility isn’t affected by what you eat and drink.

“Using supplements before you conceive is important,” says Dr. Hopkisson. “All women should take folic acid and vitamin D to minimize the risks of spina bifida and rickets.”

He adds: ‘When it comes to male factors, lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, losing weight and reducing alcohol and coffee consumption are worthwhile.

“Taking supplements like Vit C, zinc, selenium, and L-carnitene can help, and a recent article in Fertility and Sterility looked at the benefits of coenzyme Q10 in helping sperm function.”

A balanced diet and plenty of vitamins and nutrients will help keep your body in top condition, giving you and any growing human within you the best possible opportunity.

And while semen does include levels of vitamin C and zinc (among other nutrients), these are found in such small amounts that you’d need to drink pints of the stuff every day to make it worth your while.

If that’s what you want to do, go for it: this woman even imposed a cum-filled skincare routine on herself. She just doesn’t expect it to make any difference to her fertility.

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