Ex-White House Press Secretary: Trump “Gleefully“ Watched Insurrection on TV, Hit “Rewind” to Watch People Fighting Again

How did you spend January 6, 2021? Were you glued to your phone, staring in horror with your mouth open? Refresh news sites every five seconds? Maybe you were texting the White House begging the President of the United States to stop the violence? Or maybe you were hiding in a safe place while the rioters chanted your death? For her part, the one person who could have done something to stop one of the worst days in U.S. history clearly chose not to. We are of course talking about Donald Trump, who we know from various accounts watched the insurgency he instigated to unfold on television, refusing all pleas, including from his children, to act, waiting until hours after the attempted coup State has started telling rioters to “go home” but also “Vous” re very special “and” we love you “and” These are the things and events that occur when a sacred landslide election victory is so without sparingly and viciously stripped of great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated for so long. “

And just in case someone from the Trump team tries to pretend at some point in the future that the then president didn’t like what he saw on TV, or that he was deeply Concerned about the safety of lawmakers and Capitol staff inside the building, here is this:

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He is the former White House press secretary and former chief of staff to the first lady Stephanie Grisham telling CNN that not only was Trump not disturbed by a riot that would kill five people and that democracy was hanging by a thread, but he absolutely loved what he saw, so point that he felt the need to see him again, like the deeply disturbed individual that he is. The Trumps will no doubt claim that Grisham’s memories are the “fake news” of a disgruntled employee (whom they have employed for over four years) but, what is embarrassing to them is those of the Senator. . Ben Sasse, who said in an interview on Jan. 8, 2021, that senior White House officials told him that as the insurgency unfolded, “Trump was walking around the White House, confused as to why for which the other members of his team weren’t as excited as him, as you had rioters pushing against the Capitol Police, trying to get into the building. It happened. He was delighted.

All this does Joe bidenComments on the anniversary of that horrible day are more than fair, if not harsh enough. “The former President of the United States of America has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election,” Biden said from the chamber near the floor of the House that the insurgents walked through on Jan.6. “He did it because he values ​​power in principle, because he sees his own interests as more important than the interests of his country and the interests of America, and because his bruised ego matters more. for him than our democracy or our Constitution. “Refusing to mention Trump by name, Biden reminded the country that” even before the first ballot, the former president was preemptively sowing doubt about the election results. He built his lie over the months. It wasn’t based on any fact. He was just looking for an excuse, a pretext, to hide the truth. Turning the knife, Biden added, “He’s not just a former president. He is a defeated former president, beaten by a margin of over 7 million of your votes in full, free and fair elections. Referring to the absurd claim by Trump and his supporters that the mob that attacked the Capitol represent “the true patriots of the nation,” Biden asked, “Was this what you were thinking when you watched the crowd ransacking the Capitol, destroying property, literally defecating in the hallways, rummaging through the offices of Senators and Representatives, hunting down members of Congress? Patriots? Not in my opinion… Those who stormed this Capitol and those who incited and incited and those who called them to do so held a dagger at the throat of America – of American democracy. They did not come here out of patriotism or out of principle. They came here with rage, no not in the service of America, but rather in the service of one man.

A man who apparently encouraged them from the sidelines.

Meanwhile in Trump’s America

GOP lawmakers who helped spread the lie that the election was stolen have no regrets:

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While 57 rioters on January 6 are running for election


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