Emotional vigil organized for Fernando Arroyos, 27, LAPD officer killed in robbery on Monday – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Dozens of officers from the Los Angeles Police Department gathered this evening to pay tribute to Officer Fernando Arroyos, who was shot on Monday while protecting his girlfriend in an armed robbery.

Fernando Arroyos, 27, killed in an armed robbery on Monday while off duty.

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From classmates at Arroyos Police Academy to colleagues he worked with on the streets of Los Angeles, the men and women of the LAPD stood side by side outside the Olympic Station to mourn the loss of a brilliant young officer who was stationed here for three years.

“When you’re working side by side with someone and suddenly they’re gone, it touches you very much,” said Luis Interiano, the training officer of Arroyos, 27.

Many of the officers present at the vigil said they saw a bit of themselves in Arroyos, whose lifelong dream was to make the community he grew up in a little safer.

“We grew up in LA, like I was going to school two blocks from here. So we do our job with pride, ”said Iteriano.

Arroyos also wanted to be proud to own. While off duty on Monday, he was looking for a home with his girlfriend when investigators said three men in a van attempted to rob the couple. Arroyos died in an exchange of gunfire.

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” We will never forget. We will carry it in our work and it simply reaffirms that this work counts, ”said LAPD chief Michel Moore.

An emotional Moore would not go into details of the four people currently under arrest in connection with Arroyo’s murder. The chief only said that when all the evidence is presented to the public, it will be clear that Arroyos was an innocent victim of one of the increasingly violent street robberies plaguing the city.

“The proportion of those thefts where people are carrying guns has increased a lot more. And each of these cases, hundreds of other cases of robberies that now have a gun in the suspect’s hand, instead of a punch or bodily force, can have this type of tragic outcome, ” Moore said.

Arroyos’ mother said she believed her son’s killers were after his necklace.

“He’s my boy, he’s my little baby,” she said. ” Chain. This chain costs $ 200.

She said she couldn’t believe someone could kill themselves for so little.

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