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ABU DHABI, May 27 / WAM / The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has chosen a pivotal figure around whom part of the cultural program accompanying the exhibition is centered, based on an approach that celebrates Arab and international personalities that affect the fields of culture, literature and knowledge.

This comes to complement Abu Dhabi’s pioneering role in honoring creators, intellectuals, scholars and influential people in various fields through a series of awards and distinctions, which have become a qualitative addition to the path of the recipients.

In recent years, the exhibition celebrated a constellation of figures who made a difference on the cultural scene locally and globally, led by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – may his soul rest in peace – as he lit the first candle for the book industry, the authorship and the promotion of culture in the country and boosted its deep belief in science and knowledge And the culture of the United Arab Emirates is among the developed countries.

The list of seminal figures chosen by the exhibition in recent years included the great poet Abu Al-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi, the Emirati poet Aousha Al-Suwaidi “The Girl of the Arabs”, the philosopher Muhyiddin bin Arabi, the philosopher Ibn Rushd , and the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Several Emirati and Arab writers and writers emphasized in statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, that the celebration of distinguished literary and cultural figures at the exhibition reflects the UAE’s keen interest in human culture in general, and in Arabic. in particular. , which is consistent with the nature of the role and position it occupies as a global center for tolerance, cultural dialogue and intellectual diversity.

Poet and novelist Ali Abu Al-Rish said that the pivotal figures chosen by the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair in its previous sessions represent the model and role model in intellectual and literary giving throughout history, and They were and continue to be at the forefront of the illustration scene thanks to their contributions and creativity that transcend time.

Abu Al-Rish added that focusing on a pivotal figure in each session of the exhibition contains multiple messages, the first of which is to express respect and appreciation for these great people who have enriched the history of mankind with their generosity and creativity, and the second is to preserve the cultural, intellectual and scientific links between the current generation and all the civilizational and cultural flags and symbols that have passed in the history of mankind, and the third is an affirmation of the UAE’s pride in the balance of human civilization in its various forms and its insistence on completing the contributions of the Arabs in the march of human knowledge.

For his part, the Tunisian writer and poet Dr. Salah Al-Din Al-Hammadi praised the idea, which has become one of the highlights of the exhibition, reflecting the degree of fidelity and appreciation for the important imprint that these creators left in the Arab world. and international cultures and human civilization.

Al Hammadi said that the organizers of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair wanted, through this annual initiative, to confirm that the fair represents a symbol of authentic literature and culture by bringing the glory of the beautiful cultural past to the new generation to interact. positively with and encourage them to continue the scientific and literary journey that was written by the early pioneers and to spread the message of science and knowledge to which they committed themselves.

For his part, the Sudanese poet Omar Ahmed Kaddour said that communication between generations is important in the production of knowledge, so that efforts are integrated, the threads of knowledge continue and the younger generations start their path from where the others stopped. . The International Book Fair is part of this necessary communication between knowledge-producing generations.

Kaddour praised the idea of ​​choosing a key cultural figure for the exhibition each year, which he wanted to spread across all major cultural events and activities in the Arab world, noting that the UAE has always been the first to offer pioneering initiatives that benefit all of humanity. .

The 31st edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair celebrates the Dean of Arabic Literature, Taha Hussein, who was chosen as the central figure of the fair to continue the cultural and cognitive efforts that promote the consolidation of the status of literature and the Arabian lenguage.

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