Elon Musk publishes an image of an NFT and shows the fragility of everything

Well, it looks like Elon Musk is at it again. The billionaire shocked the world a week ago when he bought Twitter. Basically, this led to the formation of anti-Musk and pro-Musk factions that then went to war with each other. You can read all about that here. It’s been about a week since the purchase and Elon isn’t slowing down at all. Recently, in an attempt to point out the illogical existence of NFTs, he copied and pasted an alleged NFT into this Twitter profile picture. Again, this brought out the worst in both factions as the defenders were quick to explain why this was no big deal, while the anti-Musk faction decided that Elon was the antichrist and the biggest copyright abuser out there. the world has seen. . Hyperbolic, sure, but this is the kind of vitriol and worship he commands.

Elon Musk vs. NFT

Before we continue, let’s briefly recap what exactly an NFT is. In simple terms, an NFT is a non-fungible token, which means that it cannot be “replicated” without violating copyright. On a personal note, I think NFTs are another scam in a long line of people trying to monetize free information. What prevents someone from the Fiji Islands from posting an NFT from the United States? Not a thing. The whole debate has turned into this convoluted mess of blockchain and security that just isn’t going to interest the average person. The fact that someone has to use blockchain for an image is crazy. You can literally save the image and repost it!

So when Elon posted the NFT in question, it sparked a whirlwind of the best shots on the internet. You can always trust the good old Twitter to give you some of the wildest opinions you’ll ever hear. Freedom of speech and all. The artist who ‘designed’ the NFT even tweeted Elon asking for image credit. Musk has not yet responded. Sure, credit where credit is due, but is that image really worth the pixels it’s printed on? We are not very sure.

See, the internet is a wild place and nothing stays hidden for long. Piracy cannot be stopped. It’s a fool’s errand. Pirates will always be one step ahead of the law. Take a look at how torrenting has been staying alive all this time. Once again, we do not condone or promote piracy, but even we cannot deny that it is impossible to stop the tide. The moment a show comes out on a streaming platform, you can be sure to find it on a torrent site. It is unavoidable. In a way, hacking protects old content from disappearing, but the fact is that it’s incredibly easy to hack any type of content, and that includes images and NFTs. No amount of block chaining is going to stop a person from simply taking a screenshot of said image and reposting it. As mentioned above, are you going to chase down some guy in the middle of nowhere to get him to pay your NFT?

As usual, Twitter had a lot to say about the incident and we’ve selected some of the best tweets for you.

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