Dutch Olympians warned about spying on China

Dutch athletes competing in the Beijing Winter Olympics next month will have to leave their phones and laptops at home to an unprecedented extent to avoid Chinese espionage, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

The urgent advice to athletes and support staff not to bring personal devices to China was part of a package proposed by the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOCNSF) to deal with any possible interference by agents of the Chinese state, the newspaper said on Tuesday citing sources. close to the subject.

NOCNSF spokesman Geert Slot said cybersecurity was part of the risk assessment carried out for the trip to China, but declined to comment on any specific measures.

“The importance of cybersecurity has of course increased over the years,” Slot said. “But China has shut down its internet completely, which makes it a special case.”

Members of the Dutch team will be equipped with devices unused in China, to protect their personal data from Chinese surveillance, according to the report.

At least 30 Dutch athletes are expected to compete in the Beijing Olympics next month, mainly in the speed skating and short track skating events.

Meanwhile, Swiss Olympic snowboarding champion Patrizia Kummer will head to the Games early to spend three weeks in quarantine as she is not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Chinese authorities require unvaccinated Olympians to enter quarantine upon arrival if they do not have a valid medical exemption

“After my personal decision not to get the vaccine, quarantine is the logical consequence,” Kummer said in a statement released by Swiss Ski.

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