Dubai Police bust crystal meth worth AED68 million smuggled in solar panels

Dubai Police took down a crystal meth gang attempting to smuggle crystal meth worth AED68.7million using solar panels.

The gang of 10 were arrested after they tried to bring 1,056kg of crystal meth into the country by hiding it inside solar panels.

It’s all sun and games until you’re caught, it seems. And it’s probably fair to say they weren’t the brightest bunch.

The gang had hidden the crystal meth inside 264 solar panels, but they were tracked every step of the way, with sniffer dogs finding the drugs after they were arrested.

Check out the Dubai Police video below to see how the police tracked the gang.

70-year-old woman caught with 8.3kg of drugs at Dubai airport

A 70-year-old woman has been caught at Dubai International Airport carrying 8.3kg of drugs.

The Central American woman was caught by customs officials with over 8kg of crystal meth in her suitcase.

The drugs were carefully wrapped in carbon paper and sealed into the corners of her suitcase.

The woman had asked her airline to deliver her bags to her accommodation while she was transiting on her way to another country.

But customs officials found the drugs during a search and arrested the woman.

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, said that officials are trained to foil smuggling attempts in accordance with international best practices.

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