Dubai is the most profitable Airbnb city in the world

Airbnb owners near Burj Khalifa in Dubai can earn an average of AED 4,200 per night, making the city the most profitable Airbnb city in the world.

A new survey found that Dubai was the most profitable Airbnb city, followed by Hilo in Hawaii and Hanoi in Vietnam. Downtown Dubai near the Burj Khalifa was also the most expensive Airbnb location in the world, followed by New York and Edinburgh, Scotland.

New York is second for charging the most for Airbnb, with those near Central Park costing £767 a night. However, owners can still make money if they have a property further out, as the going rate is £534 per night. This makes New York City, as a whole, the most profitable place for Airbnb owners.

And the news gets even better for Airbnb owners. At an average of AED4,200, it would only take four months to break even on the average cost of ownership.

“Dubai is the most profitable place for homeowners as it only takes them four months to get their money back after investing in a property,” he said. CIA Owners who conducted the survey.

“The average price to buy an apartment in the city is £112,624, which means it only takes 121 nights to sell to recoup this cost. However, this is only a profitable location for owners who have property near Burj Khalifa, with those further away renting for just £181 a night.”

airbnb is a large global accommodation platform now, with six million rooms, flats and houses in more than 81,000 cities worldwide.

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