Dog’s reaction when owner drops leash goes viral

Onlookers were impressed by a dog’s obedience after an owner dropped his leash while out for a walk, which was captured in a now-viral video.

“Thought I’d see how my dog ​​would react to dropping the leash,” read the title of u/Daniel_Wyn’s post, which received more than 35,000 upvotes on the Reddit “Aww” forum.

Knowing how to walk on a leash is an important skill for dogs to learn, according to Positive Paws Pet Training.

“Leash training is getting your dog used to being on a leash while demonstrating appropriate behavior,” the organization stated. “That means your dog shouldn’t constantly pull, run, bark or yank at you.”

A viral video shared on Reddit shows a dog obediently returning to his owner after he let go of his leash to see how he would react. Above, a stock image of a puppy on a leash.
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One of the benefits of leash training that the organization noted was that it encourages good behavior.

“A dog that knows how to walk well on a leash can progress to other skills, such as politely walking through a crowd and demonstrating appropriate interactions with people and dogs on a walk,” the article states.

In the video, the nine-month-old dog named Willow is seen walking in front of her owner before he let go of the leash.

Immediately noticing that he wasn’t holding the leash, he sniffed the handle for a moment and circled back to his owner.

Willow stood next to her and waited patiently for her to pick up the leash before continuing her walk.

“He’s a cross between a Welsh Sheepdog and a Border Collie so he’s very smart,” u/Daniel_Wyn wrote to news week.

Many viewers were surprised that Willow didn’t immediately run away after u/Daniel_Wyn let go of the leash. Some said that her own canine would have run away immediately.

“A month ago we were walking in a field and I fell and my leash fell off,” one Reddit user wrote. “My German Shepherd didn’t even check to see if he was okay, he [ran] walk away immediately.”

A Reddit user shared a similar experience with their dog while out hiking.

“The only reason I got it back was because it was hot outside and it stopped to roll in a mud puddle,” they recalled.

Some viewers praised Willow for her obedience.

“What a nice little dog,” one Reddit user wrote.

“That’s one happy dog,” commented another. [She] knows [she’s] safe with you, and it doesn’t feel like [she ]he needs to be on his guard and protect you. Complete Confidence. [She] walk when you walk”.

Some viewers joked that Willow was in charge of the walk.

“I see your misconception here: you are not walking [her]. [She’s] walking,” one viewer joked.

u/Daniel_Wyn explained that it took Willow two to three months to get comfortable with the leash, but he was also surprised that she circled back after he let go of the leash.

“Honestly, I thought she would react the same as when she was released,” he said. “Lots of forward runs and freedom zoomies until she stops and waits for me to catch up or turn around.”

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