Disappointing defeat of the Pharaohs against Nigeria at the kickoff of the African nations, Tariq Yahya attacks Queiroz and makes him lose – VideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel

  1. Disappointing defeat of the Pharaohs to Nigeria at the kick-off of the African Nations Tariq Yahya attacks Queiroz and defeats himVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  2. Sadness and shock for national team supporters and players after Nigeria lossVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  3. Salah refuses to take memorial photos, leaves sad after Nigeria defeatVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  4. Bravo and encouragement from Egyptian fans on their way to support Cameroon’s national team before facing NigeriaVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  5. Anxiety and discontent appear on the ruled out squad in Nigeria’s second half of the gameVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
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