Details of essential workers considered for COVID isolation exemptions for staff shortages

Health, well-being, care and support

– Health care, including paramedical care
– Dental care
– Therapy (e.g. physiotherapy, restorative massage, oriental medicine, mental health support)
– Clinics / laboratories
– Blood / plasma donation
– Medical, pharmaceutical and sanitary supplies (including PPE)
– Accomodation / roaming support
– Social services
– Drug and alcohol services
– Support for disabled / vulnerable people
– Child care in residence
– Veterinarian, animal welfare and accommodation
– End of life services (including crematorium, cemetery, mortuary services)

Food, drinks and other essentials

– Agriculture and agriculture
– Essential food, drink, groceries
– Pet supplies
– Essential office supplies, newspapers and magazines
– Construction and landscaping supplies
– Reception (take away or delivery)

Transport, freight and logistics

– Road, rail, air and sea transport services
– Transport operations
– Delivery services
– Distribution centers
– Port operations (including airports) and import / export
– Delivery services
– Post office
– Passenger transport
– Taxis and carpooling
– Moving services
– Repair and maintenance of vehicles, including disinfection, roadside assistance and towing
– Vehicle rental

Energy, resources and water, and waste management

– Energy supply (electricity, liquid fuels, gas)
– Water supply, sanitation, sanitation and drainage
– Supply of resources, including mine workers and FIFO
– Waste recovery (including collection, treatment, storage and disposal services)

Telecommunications, data, broadcasting and media

– Telecommunications services
– Journalism and media services for providing news or information to the public
– Diffusion

Financial and insurance services

– Retirement benefits
– Insurance benefits
– Other financial services
– Ancillary support services *

Education and childcare

– Education and schooling services
– Early childhood education and care
– Adult and higher education

Building and construction

– Urgent repairs or maintenance
– Completion of the building or construction in progress, as long as the construction sites are safe and stable
– Construction and construction work to enable or support essential functions (e.g. health and quarantine facilities)

Emergency services, security, law enforcement, justice and correctional services

– Police, fire and rescue, ambulance and other emergency, security and crisis interventions
– Defense and national security
– Operation of courts / tribunals, correctional centers
– Legal services

Essential research

– Research essential to Australian public health, society and economy
– Continued research that cannot be stopped and restarted
– Research involving clinical trials and animal facilities

Critical government functions, federal, state or local government and public works

– Social Benefits Administration, Workers’ Compensation, Child Support, Medicare
– Conduct of elections
– Functions / requirements of the Australian parliament
– Consular and diplomatic services
– Operation, inspection, maintenance of public goods, land and infrastructure (e.g. roads)
– Regulatory activities

Housing and real estate

– Private inspections to facilitate new leases, the end of a lease or the sale of a property
– Conducting online auctions, and processing sales and rental contracts.
– Accommodation for existing customers, essential workers, for welfare or quarantine purposes

Jobs that support the above categories

– Sourcing, production, manufacturing, processing, packaging, distribution of materials and products
– Administrative, regulatory, operational, logistics, communication, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, customer support
– IT support, cybersecurity, engineers, technicians, legal support, research
– Cleaners, installation, construction, maintenance and repair (including plumbing, electricians, pest control, locksmiths, technicians)
– Provision of accommodation and food to people performing essential functions


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