“Deltakron” .. Scientists reveal the truth

International experts questioned the information received on the discovery of a new mutant of the Corona virus, which shares common characteristics of “Delta” and “Omicron” called “Deltakron”, and they suggested that it was of the result of a “lab error”, as the World Health Organization spoke about what has been reported about a virus that combines between the flu and the crown.

There were conflicting opinions from expert customers regarding the discovery of a new mutant of the Corona virus, carrying characteristics that combine the fierce and deadliest “Delta” mutant and the rapidly spreading “Omicron” mutant, which was called “Deltachron”.

While specialists said that this perception was at the root of a laboratory error or contamination, some said that this perception was wrong.

A Cypriot scientist defended his claim of the existence of a new strain of Covid-19 that combines characteristics of the variables Delta and Omicron, denying the occurrence of contamination in the laboratory, according to what he told the agency “Bloomberg”, and seen by “Al Arabiya Net”, where Leondos Kostrikis said, in an emailed statement. On Sunday, he said the cases he had identified “indicated the evolution of a strain with several mutations.”

Kostrikis spoke about the discovery of 25 cases infected with the new mutation, and one of them from Israel was deposited in the global database.

He also confirmed that infections are on the rise among Omicron patients admitted to hospitals, compared to those infected and those who remain in isolation at home.

the deltachron is not real

Some experts questioned Kostrikis’ findings, with an official tweet from the World Health Organization on Sunday that the word “deltacrone”, which was popular on the social media platform over the weekend, was not “not real” and probably due to a sequence introduced by an unauthorized Biological process, referring to contamination in the laboratory.

In this case, it is likely that there is “laboratory contamination of omicron fragments in the delta sample,” Dr Krutika Kupalli, the WHO expert on Covid, said on Twitter.

In another tweet, she sarcastically noted, “Let’s not combine the names of infectious diseases and leave that to celebrity couples.”

Other scientists agreed that the results could be the result of a laboratory error, virologist Dr Tom Peacock of Imperial College London also tweeted that the Cypriot deltachron “sequences” reported by several mainstream media appeared to be visibly contaminated.

In another tweet, he noted that “a few of us have looked at the sequences and have come to the same conclusion that it doesn’t look like a true recombinant,” referring to a possible rearrangement of the genetic material.

For his part, Cypriot Health Minister Michael Hadjipantila said on Saturday that the ministry was aware of Deltacrone’s reports and that there was no cause for concern at the moment.

Hadjipantila added that more information on the disputed version is expected this week, adding that he is proud of the country’s scientists for their findings.

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