Decentralized Twitter ‘Bluesky’ Outlines Code, Content Moderation Plans For Its Platform

Twitter is working on a decentralized social networking project called ‘Bluesky’. In a recent development, the Bluesky team released their first batch of codes, while re-establishing their commitment to moderate content that would be allowed on their platform. Decentralized social networks aim to move the space beyond the control of the tech giants that currently control the platforms. Blockchain-based decentralized social media applications will operate on independently managed servers, reducing the chances of targeted censorship.

In a blog post titled “Working in Public,” Bluesky released its “Authenticated Data Experiment” (ADX) protocol code.

The team revealed that the core of ADX is “self-authenticating” data, which transfers network authority to users.

Describing their plans for content moderation, Bluesky developers noted that they will create two separate layers for “voice” and “reach” on their platform.

“The voice layer can be as neutral as publishing a website. The scope layer determines what is amplified in the network,” the team says. wrote On twitter.

The developers behind Bluesky have committed to publicly sharing their platform’s development process by posting details about their work, before it’s completed.

In the event that public feedback prompts the team to explore another direction, the developers want to have some buffer time on hand.

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, first announced the Bluesky project in 2019.

While Dorsey remains a Bluesky board member, the project became independent in February after receiving $13 million (approximately Rs. 100 crore) in funding from Twitter.

Now that Twitter has accepted Elon Musk’s buyout offer of $44 billion (approximately Rs. 3,37,465 crore), speculation about Bluesky’s future has started buzzing on social media.

Clearing the air, Bluesky developers have said the changes won’t affect the company.

Bluesky’s release timeline remains unclear for now.

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