Dear Leslie, how can I safely negotiate the situation of my dodgy neighbors?

This week, Dr. Leslie Cannold offers advice on how to deal with new upstairs neighbors who seem a little dodgy.

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Dr. Leslie CanolD used to present Both Sides Now, but now she cuts to the chase: what’s the right thing to do? In Everyday Dilemmas, Cannold uses his ethics training to help you solve your problems. Send your questions to [email protected] with “Dear Leslie” in the subject line. She might even answer…

Dear Leslie,

Hope you had a restful holiday season. I am writing to you because we did not. We spent most of the time arguing with our new neighbors. Cigarette butts and liquor cans rain down from their balcony onto our driveway and garden. Strange people arrive at all hours, including creepy men covered in tattoos, and they enter through the security door the tenants installed the minute they moved in. think they’re drug dealers – just like everyone else in the building. But how to prove it (and avoid getting hurt by a projectile in the meantime)?

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