Croatia police present drug seizures in Adriatic Sea port

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) – Croatian police on Tuesday posted hundreds of pounds of drugs they said were seized in two separate operations last year at a port in the southern Adriatic Sea near the famous station Dubrovnik seaside resort.

The discovery last October in the port of Ploce of nearly 220 kilograms (482 pounds) of heroin was the largest on record in Croatia, police said.

“We carried out a search of a container on board a ship that arrived at the port of Ploce from Iraq,” Dubrovnik police forensic investigator Zoran Tikvica said. “Inside the container we found 80 lead boxes, weighing about 300 kilograms, and in 40 of those lead boxes we found 296 packets (of heroin.)

The heroin was intended for distribution in Western Europe, police said in a statement.

In November, divers found 61 kilograms (136 pounds) of cocaine in a metal container attached with magnets to the bottom of another vessel arriving from South America.

“In both of these operations, when we seized the heroin and cocaine, it was determined that the drugs were of very high quality and pure,” Tikvica said.

Police said the total estimated value of the drugs seized was 17 million euros ($ 19 million).

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