Clubhouse is finally running on the web – but now it’s too late

The once popular Clubhouse live audio platform was only available on iOS and Android devices through its official app, but now the company is finally expanding it to the web – which is honestly too late.

As the company confirmed on Twitter (via Engaged), Clubhouse is testing a new sharing option that will allow users to share a room live not only with other Clubhouse users, but also with users from other social networks.

Once you share the link to a live room, people can access it through a web browser even if they don’t have a Clubhouse account. However, at least for now, the feature only works for listening, meaning you can’t join a room to talk via the web. According to Clubhouse, some rooms will also be available for replay.

While this is certainly important in helping the platform become more popular, it may be too late for Clubhouse as it is losing ground to competitors like Twitter Spaces – which has been available on iOS, Android, and the web since. awhile now.

For comparison, Twitter Spaces rolled out web support months ago, and the platform came to Android much earlier than Clubhouse, which was initially exclusive to iOS. While Clubhouse hit 8 million downloads in one month at its peak, the app has seen less than one million downloads per month since April 2021.

If you are still a Clubhouse user, you can try out the new room sharing with the latest version of the Clubhouse app, but only if you are located in the United States. It’s unclear when the feature will be extended to more regions.

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