City of Ottawa launches pilot project to reduce salt use during winter months

The city will use treated blue salt on downtown sidewalks to assess environmental impacts and cost-effectiveness.

Ottawans may soon notice blue sidewalks downtown.

In order to reduce the amount of salt used in the city during the winter months, a pilot project was started using treated blue salt instead of traditional salt.

Blue salt is designed to react faster when applied to a surface.

“This treated salt, not only is it new, but we’re pre-treating it with a material that will allow it to be more effective at all times, and even in cold weather to help us keep sidewalks safe,” says the Town of Bryden Denyes, Manager of Ottawa Road Services. “Residents will start to see a difference in downtown where the salt comes out.”

In addition to reducing the amount of salt used during the winter, the pilot project will also allow the city to assess the environmental impacts and cost-effectiveness of using treated salt.

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