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The council issued an emergency order against the Alpine Lodge Motel in Goulburn and said its condition posed a “serious threat” to the occupants. The board’s chief executive, Warwick Bennett, said a stop-use order, issued on November 19, 2021, prevented the Sloane Street motel from operating due to what the organization claimed to be risks to the community. fire safety and public health. ALSO READ: Elderly Care Facilities Record More Positive COVID-19 Results “Since this shutdown order, they have had time to fix the flaws,” Bennett said. “In our opinion, they didn’t hire the right tradespeople, but instead tried to do the job themselves. It is far from meeting fire safety standards. They also continued to operate during the Christmas and New Years period, so we issued a (public) warning people not to stay there, including those attending the indoor hockey tournament this weekend. Neither the owner nor the manager of the motel responded to requests for comment. A notice stuck to the door of the motel reads: “Dear client, we are temporarily closed on 11/19/2021 due to the renovation of the building. Sorry for the inconvenience. “ALSO READ: Storm cuts Taralga’s phone lines to Moss Vale Specifically, the order says: council officers maintain that the fire alarm system is not properly connected and that the outputs Mr Bennett said the council would go to the New South Wales Land and Environment Court next week to seek an injunction to stop the motel’s operation. granted quickly, with a substantive hearing to follow at which the owners of the Alpine Motel could challenge. “We think we are on a solid legal footing,” he told the Post. “… We have been dealing with them for some time and they have continued to operate. People’s lives are in danger. The electrical wiring is poor at best and could cause a fire. We had a coronary artery inquest. relates to a death on Oallen Ford Road) and I don’t want to cross another one. ” ALSO READ: Meet Goulburn Student Fighting For Rural Communities CEO said in his 30 years in local government he had never been involved in closing an institution . It was also the only time the council had “made public” a statement on its concerns. He told The Post that staff were alerted before last November after the Alpine commissioned a contractor to assess compliance with an annual fire safety certificate. “The entrepreneur was so worried that he contacted us. He encouraged us to inspect the premises and we discovered some very serious fire safety issues and black mold. In its statement released Friday morning, the council “strongly encouraged community members and visitors to the area to choose another accommodation provider.” Did you know that the Goulburn Post now offers last minute alerts and a daily email newsletter? Stay up to date with all the local news: sign up below.



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