Chelsea in the English League final

London (AFP)

Chelsea reached the League Cup final, after beating host Tottenham 1-0, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the competition, to decide the victory of the “Blues” in the confrontation 3-0 , after winning 2-0 previously. in the first leg, and scored a goal. Chelsea won the second leg by German defender Antonio Rudiger in the 18th minute.

The match saw Tottenham award two penalties, before they were canceled, after referring to the video assistant referee (VAR), and a goal for international striker Harry Kane was also called off for offside.
This is the first time Chelsea have reached the final of the competition, since 2019, as they aspire to embrace the cup for the first time since 2015.
German coach Thomas Tuchel also led the “Blues” to three final matches, as he took the lead of the team, succeeding the legendary club captain, Frank Lampard in 2020, including the Champions League final. , during which Chelsea were crowned at the expense of compatriot Manchester City.
“We got off to a good start, we had chances and advanced, but I felt we were playing with fire, we had our chances thanks to stupid mistakes,” said Tuchel.
“We ran better in the second, but the same happened again, we were lucky not to receive a penalty, and the VAR decisions were in our favor.”
He added: “We have to play better if we want to deserve similar results. Our goal is not to get a separate result. We can close the spaces better. We can defend better individually. We can improve in all of them. domains.”
As for Tottenham, they haven’t won any major titles since the League Cup in 2008, and it looks like their ambitions to get something out of this season have faded.
Rudiger also scored one of Chelsea’s two goals in the first leg at Stamford Bridge, to once again show the German defender his strong physical and mental presence.


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