Celebrities who always knew they would be famous

In a 2015 interview on Oprah: Where are they now?Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle takes a look at how the legendary group came to be. In 1978, Belinda and the other four original band members, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey, Margot Olavarria and Elissa Bello, decided to create a music group, although she said most of them had had no previous contact with playing instruments.

“We were sitting on a sidewalk, five girls one night at a party in Venice,” Belinda said. “Everyone was in a band except us, and you could be terrible. You didn’t really have to know how to play an instrument. So it was like, ‘I’ll play bass!’ ‘I’ll play the guitar!’ That’s how the band was formed. Nobody knew how to do anything.”

Despite their inexperience with acting, the group remained motivated and quickly rose through the ranks in the music industry. They are now considered the most successful female rock group in music history.

“Behind it all, there was a lot of ambition, and I remember running downstairs with Jane saying, ‘One day we’re going to be rich and famous!'” Belinda added. “And looking back, it was like a total demonstration.”

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