Case ICU admissions to increase as Tassie’s Omicron forecast reveals

The number of new cases hit a new high exceeding 700 and more on Tuesday and follows Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff’s warning to Tasmanians that they could soon see 2,000 daily case numbers. The latest numbers of positive cases bring the total active cases in the state to 3,118. Five people with Covid-19 are hospitalized, but the government says all were admitted for unrelated reasons. None are in intensive care. tomorrow. As of Tuesday, 2,412 lab tests were performed. The Prime Minister and state and territory leaders will hold a national cabinet meeting today to discuss the accessibility of RAT tests, among other issues related to Covid-19. Tasmanian Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch has warned those who come out in the next few weeks that they will likely be in the company of someone who has Covid-19 as their latest wave peak. Currently, one in 170 Tasmanians has the infection. Dr Mark Vietch says the ratio will drop to one in 50 in the coming weeks. “Wherever you go, with a gathering of a dozen people, someone will get it.” He said it was difficult to estimate the true number of active Covid cases in Tasmania at the moment, but it would be significant, probably more than double of those who have been diagnosed. “There will be more hospitalizations and there will be deaths,” he said. Dr Veitch expects one in 100 to be hospitalized, one in 1000 in intensive care – a similar number of flu deaths each year. three weeks and per capita infection rates are similar in South Australia and Queensland. We have seen in other states and abroad, these waves last up to three months. Prime Minister Peter Gutwein said international arrivals to Tasmania would no longer have to be quarantined from midnight. Mr Gutwein said the risk posed by foreign visitors was now similar to domestic arrivals. Fifteen nursing homes in Tasmania have now been affected by Covid-19 infections. Only two have cases among residents, Dr Veitch said. Fifty health workers in the Tasmanian hospital system are now RAT-positive distribution points for Covid-19 and testing clinics see mega queues before opening cars have piled up in the parking lot and are driving down the street in a new Covid test clinic which opened its doors this morning. At 10 a.m., testing will open at the new walk-in Covid testing clinic at Kingborough Sports Center, Kingston. Vehicles were already overflowing from the parking lot onto Kingston View Drive by 10 a.m., winding southwest on the road to the cemetery and back in the lane northeasterly, to the other end of the street. Shortly after 10 a.m., the mile-long stretch of stationary cars began to block one of the lanes of the nearby Summerleas Rd. Four young men in a car were among those stuck in the road. crowd. Noah Etherington said he and his friends returned from a bush walk in the southwest to receive messages that they had come into close contact with several positive cases on New Years Eve. They went into isolation. together at a residence in North Hobart since and while awaiting PCR testing. “We thought it would be safer than coming home to our families because we had been together for so many days,” Mr Etherington said. From the passenger seat, Tom Philpott said they tried to get tested at the Hobart Showgrounds in Glenorchy on Tuesday when they were showing symptoms. “We did the right thing,” he said. working on it and they were basically like ‘no you don’t need a PCR test’ even though the guidelines say it will happen. for almost 90 minutes by the time the clinic opened at 10 a.m. and had only moved a few car seats to the front of the line. Mr Philpott said more testing clinics were needed, describing the situation as “done”. Herbert was sitting in the car with his son Jacob and his dog Rosie. She had been standing in line with her sick son since 8 a.m. as he dozed off, with a stock of snacks and drinks. “I would say there are at least 200 cars in front of me,” she said. “We haven’t moved. We plan to be here at least until lunchtime.” The clinic is open 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Tasmanians desperately need hours of waiting for RAT in line, the place to get tested. Sarah McLachlan from Hobart said she was a close contact and that she was ‘was isolating until she could take a test. “This is our third day trying to get tested,” she said. “Ms. MacLachlan said she and her roommate were all working two in the hospitality industry and were losing shifts. “I don’t think you get any support if you wait, if you spend more days waiting for a test you’re going to lose work,” she said . Helen Cusick had also been in line, she said she had been there for over an hour. “I haven’t moved at all for the last hour and a quarter,” Ms Cu said sick. “It will be a bit longer I think. I brought my book.” Ms Cusick said she was close contact after her daughter tested positive. “I had a PCR test earlier in the week is the first time I have to queue for a rat test to get out of quarantine, “she said. She said she was unlucky to find one. RAT test. “The neighbors all went looking for me all over the place, across Lindisfarne, Rosny,” Ms. Cusick said. “Supermarkets, pharmacies, everywhere nobody had them. to see 2,000 new cases of Covid- 19 a day, Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff warned 40 Royal Hobart Hospital staff are being discharged as close contacts and undergoing testing. Down State Health Commander Kathrine Morgan-Wicks said that the 40 staff currently unable to work did not contract the virus in hospital No transmission of COVI D-19 has not been reported from any state hospital, ”Ms. Morgan-Wicks said. fing. “She said the basic functions of RHH will be maintained.” In order for that to happen, some areas will be looked at. Outpatient activity will be reduced, with outpatient services for urgent and category 1 patients to be moved to telehealth in the coming days. surgery and inpatient services are given priority, with elective surgeries to continue based on safe retention of staff. The health authorities plan to create a respiratory clinic separate from the emergency department to ensure maximum access to emergency patients. Staff are also encouraged to reconsider leave if possible. “These measures are implemented on the RHH site only. Other sites, including regional hospitals and community health centers, remain as usual, ”she said. “Although RHH maintains restrictions on unvaccinated visitors, there are no other formal restrictions for visitors at this time. However, as always, people should only go to the hospital when needed. “A staff screening clinic has already been set up, as has the external triage area for the emergency department, and these will continue. Tests on patients admitted overnight to RHH are also underway. “As the Commander of State Health, I want to recognize the efforts and dedication of all of our staff in the Tasmanian Health Service. I have no doubts that as a workforce they will once again meet the challenges of this pandemic and continue to provide the best healthcare for all Tasmanians. “We could see over the next few days and weeks 2,000 cases a day and that will affect people. But our hospital system is prepared, ”said Mr. Rockliff. He said the first evidence also showed the new strain to be highly contagious, causing less severe symptoms. A new testing clinic will open in Kingston to meet demand as 11 senior care facilities treat positive cases among staff and residents. Starting Wednesday, the government, in partnership with TML Pathology, will open an additional drive-thru clinic at the Kingborough Sports Center. It will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Mr Rockliff said that while Tasmanians caught Covid-19 in record numbers, they were recovering quickly. Nearly 300 people have recovered from the virus and have been released from isolation since the last outbreak began. Overnight, 149 were released after recovering. Tasmania recorded a record 702 new Covid-19 cases overnight to bring the total number of active cases in the state to 2,244. Three people are hospitalized but none in intensive care or on ventilation. There are currently 11 elderly care facilities in Tasmania affected by COVID-19 cases (six in the south, two in the north and three in the northwest). There are 18 health workers who are positive for COVID-19 and three residents who are positive. No visitors are allowed to The New Norfolk District Hospital and Hobart Private Hospital have had to impose restrictions on visitors and are hosting virtual tours and discussions. see much milder and less severe effects, ”Mr. Rockliff said. “This means that the majority of people with COVID-19 are not symptomatic, in good health and able to take care of themselves in their appropriate premises without having to use our COVID @ home program or enter it. one of our community case management centers. “Although the number of cases will continue to increase – and could result in more people being hospitalized – only one person is currently hospitalized for COVID-19 – for related reasons, and no one has needed to intensive care or ventilation. These are the statistics that count “. Our highly vaccinated population,” he said. NED-5263-New-Covid-19-close-contact-definition “With over 2,000 tests performed yesterday, we are seeing a good response to our message that PCR testing is for anyone with symptoms, symptomatic close contacts, and anyone with a positive RAT test. “The latest data comes as more Tasmanian companies take to social media to alert customers that they are closing due to understaffing due to exposure to Covid-19. Tasmanians have also taken it upon themselves to alert the community that they have tested positive for the virus and to indicate their location on a new Facebook page. These posts say they are doing it because the official government exhibition site website is not dated online. – the last update was on December 28. “Sharing exhibition sites is not about telling people not to go to these places, but about informing people who may have been there at the same time,” one poster explained. “Continue to support these companies that have been exposed. We don’t want to lose any.

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