Canberra man who allegedly swapped seats with passenger while driving has been released on bail

Man who allegedly tried to avoid police arrest by driving on a middle lane and swapping seats with a truck passenger while on the move has been released on bail by the trial court of ACT.

The court heard that the 41-year-old from Nicholls, in northern Canberra, was already out on bail for previous driving offenses when police saw him driving on Friday, December 31.

Police documents presented to court today alleged that when police attempted to arrest the man, the accused uttered an “f ***”, slammed his forehead and nodded.

The man reportedly stopped the truck he was driving on the middle lane of Gungahlin Drive for the police, before accelerating on it and continuing to drive across the road.

Police allege the man then swapped seats with a female passenger while driving.

When the vehicle finally stopped, the man was arrested and charged with driving with a prescribed drug in his system, being an unlicensed driver, failing to stop for the police and other charge related to the conditions of his release on bail.

The court heard the man was a month behind on rent and needed shoulder surgery to get his business back on track.

Magistrate Glenn Theakston granted him bail on the condition that he does not drive or occupy the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle, and that he does not have vehicle keys .

He warned the man that in the event of a recurrence, he would “be arrested very, very quickly”.

“It implies that the court engages in a level of trust with you,” Magistrate Theakston said.

The man is then scheduled to appear in court on the charges against him on August 17.


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