Cameron Forsyth jailed for crash death of Adam Ghoz Casula

The mother of a teenager, killed by a heroin addict who fell asleep at the wheel, collapsed in response to the driver’s sentence.

The mother of a teenager killed by a heroin addict who fell asleep behind the wheel has collapsed outside court, distraught after the driver was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Adam Ghoz, 17, was walking to soccer practice on the afternoon of January 7, 2021 when a Kio Carnival crossed two lanes of traffic and struck him on the Hume Highway in Casula, south-west Sydney.

The driver of the car, Cameron Forsyth, 38, was high on heroin at the time and claimed he used the drug after having a fight with his girlfriend because she said a family member was wearing provocative clothing and was going to ” end up”. her being raped.”

He pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated dangerous driving causing death under the influence of drugs, even though he initially lied to police about his heroin use.

Appearing in NSW District Court for sentencing on Friday, Forsyth sat with his head bowed as Adam’s parents, Abdul and Rima Ghoz, wiped away tears and waited to hear what punishment would be meted out.

Judge Ian McClintock SC said there was “no question” that Forsyth had fallen asleep before the accident.

“He posed an appalling danger to the public, which sadly materialized,” Judge McClintock said.

“It is clear that he was not aware that he had hit the victim.”

The court was told that Forsyth had a history of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and in September 2020, just four months before the fatal crash, he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another car while high on drugs.

“He should have learned his lesson in relation to driving…clearly he didn’t,” Judge McClintock said.

“It had catastrophic consequences for the victim’s family.”

A claim by Forsyth that he was emotionally “shaken” before the accident and was triggered by a memory of a traumatic childhood incident before the accident was rejected.

“I have come to the conclusion that this is a post-event rationalization by the offender to explain the appalling nature of the events,” Judge McClintock said.

The court heard that Forsyth was a functional drug addict at the time of the accident and while in custody after his arrest, he had completed drug recovery programs.

“I will never forgive myself,” Forsyth told the court earlier.

I’ve ruined someone else’s family. I hope that in time they can forgive me for their own inner peace.”

After Forsyth received a seven-year prison sentence, a three-year stint without parole, Mr. and Mrs. Ghoz said they were crushed.

“I have a life sentence,” Ms. Ghoz said as she fell to the ground outside the Downing Center court complex.

“I know that the judge did everything possible for us, it is the law, but I waited 10 years.”

A supporter speaking on behalf of the family said “the justice system has failed us.”

Forsyth will be eligible for parole in April 2025.

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