BTS members talk about their characters in “7fates: CHAKHO”

BTS members gave webtoon fans a glimpse of the identity of the seven “Monster Hunters” that will be featured in the upcoming webtoon, “7 Fates: CHAKHO”.

Scheduled to be released on Saturday via Naver, the new BTS-inspired webtoon follows the lives of seven men who are destined to fight the “Beom”, the monsters who kill the inhabitants of the town of “Sin-Si”.

The official YouTube channel for the new webtoon released seven trailers on Tuesday that revealed the history of the Seven Monster Hunters with RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga and V.

RM (Do Geon)

BTS frontman and rapper RM explains that the character of Do Geon is a crime expert who has survived the trials of life. He is skilled in weaponry and is described as being mentally and physically strong. “At first he refuses to join the CHAKHO team,” said RM, “But for some reason, as he continues to meet them, he begins to think that maybe it is his destiny to become a partner. with them.”

Jin (Hwan)

Jin described Hwan’s character as an ordinary archer who became a monster hunter after his family was eaten up entirely by the Beoms.

Suga (Céin)

Suga described the character of Cein as someone who has been through a lot in life, including surviving a Beom attack. “He was traumatized by what happened and feels lost. But he meets six friends and forges a deep bond with them, ”he said.

J-Hope (Hosu)

Rapper BTS said the character of Hosu was kidnapped by the monsters but survived by “doing something terrible” that led to him being awarded the “Golden Eyes.”

Jimin (Haru)

Jimin opened the trailer by saying that his character Haru is not human. “For a long time he was a rock guarding the gate to the Beom world and this rock became human,” he said. “Since he has lived so long, he has the qualities of a master.”

V (Jeanne)

Unlike other hunters who encounter ferocious monsters, Jooan fell in love with a Beom. “But the love between a hunter and a hunted can’t be easy,” V said and invited fans to read the webtoon to find out how Jooan’s romance with a Beom will end.

Jungkook (Zeha)

Similar to Haru, Jungkook Zeha’s character is also half Beom and half human. Zeha uses her supernatural powers to help her friends catch the Beom. However, he has to do this without letting them know he’s a Beom too.

“7Fates: CHAKHO” is an “urban fantasy set in a city in the near future and inspired by the tiger hunters of the Joseon dynasty. It will combine old lore stories with HYBE’s own imagination,” HYBE previously said. , according to Koreaboo.

Photo: American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. / ABC via AFP


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