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Britney SpearsFans will have to wait a little longer than anticipated for new music from the superstar. Following reports that the 40-year-old singer was in talks to embark on a Las Vegas residency and even join Weekendthe next program The idolafter she was seen with him, two sources told hollywoodlife that is simply not the case.

“Britney is aware of how desperately her fans are trying to get her back into music and she is incredibly moved by this. These past few months have really shown her how much they love her. She knows that she has a whole team behind her when she decides to do this and an entire army of followers, literally. But right now, she’s not focused on that at all,” a source close to Britney told EXCLUSIVELY. hollywoodlife.

The source continued, “She is not planning a return to the music industry at this time because she is solely focused on building a family with Sam, which includes getting married and having another child together. She is also putting her energy into finding a new home to create new memories for her family, as the current home she is in now holds some painful ones for her.” Britney announced that she and her fiancé sam asghari, 28, were expecting their first child together in April. Sadly, just a few weeks later, she informed her fans that she had lost the baby.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears performs on stage (Photo: Top Photo Corporation/Shutterstock)

While Britney Spears still expresses herself creatively, at the moment it’s through writing and not music, according to another source. “Britney is still getting used to her life outside of her guardianship and she is still recovering from everything that she went through. She is writing a lot because it is very therapeutic for her, to get the truth out of her and her feelings, ”they disclosed EXCLUSIVELY to hollywoodlife. “And some of it is poetry that could one day become a song, but at the moment she’s not putting that kind of pressure on herself.”

Britney was released from her controversial 13-year conservatorship in November 2021 after publicly raising concerns about the alleged abuse she was exposed to under her father’s control. jamie spears, 69. In fact, she previously admitted that she was quitting making music to spite him and everyone else involved in her conservatorship. “Stop making music is my way of saying ‘F**k You’ in a sense when it really only benefits my family by ignoring my real job,” Britney revealed in a heated Instagram post from December 2021. “It’s as if I had unconsciously let them win.”

In addition to writing, Britney herself revealed that she uses music and dance as a form of emotional therapy after her tragic miscarriage and as she rebuilds her life. “I’m definitely going through something in my life right now…and music…helps me a lot to gain insight and perspective,” the “Toxic” singer began in a May 17 caption alongside to a video of her dancing. Beyoncethe 2008 hit “Halo.” She continued, “I recorded this 2 months ago, but when I look back, every song I danced to… it gave me a different feeling… a different mood… a different story to tell… and I’m thankful for it. that escape… this song is quite spiritual and I really enjoy dancing to it.”

And while Britney isn’t actually creating her own music right now, a source said. hollywoodlife she knows it’s an option. “She reads the comments left by fans of her and she knows how much everyone wants her to come back to music. She is flattered by this, and is excited to read them. Britney has received offers from various artists who want to work with her and many of these artists are her friends, ”they explained. “She is so grateful to be in a position that when she decides it is time for her triumphant return, she will have the ability to make it bigger and better than ever. She will be in control this time and not her father or anyone else.”

That sounds pretty promising! But for now, it looks like his six-year musical hiatus is still going strong. We will continue to let Britney heal in any way that Britney needs!

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